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What should you expect from recruitment technology?

It should lift the administrative strain on your in-house recruitment team,
streamline processes, enhance candidate engagement and measure success.

That’s what we do.

Welcome to Hireserve ATS recruitment software.


Flexible applicant tracking technology for in-house recruiters

icams_administratiebeheerOur Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a smooth, intuitive and clutter-free environment. Designed with responsiveness and flexibility at its core, Hireserve ATS allows you to manage candidates, jobs, workflows, data, reporting and much more.

What makes Hireserve’s recruitment software unique is its configurability. We approach each build with a clean slate and with your needs in mind. Your Hireserve ATS is built to match your needs and meet your in-house recruitment challenges.

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Screenshot of iCams report builder toolReporting using Hireserve ATS

Measuring the success of your recruitment campaigns is essential. Hireserve ATS offers a comprehensive suite of standard reports, integrated with Google Analytics for fast, reliable and real-time data.

For unparalleled flexibility, try Report Builder – Hireserve’s unique custom reporting module. Choose the information your organisation needs and create bespoke reports effortlessly.

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Careers sites to attract and engage your candidates

iCams customer careers sitesYour careers site should capture your candidates’ imaginations, reflecting every inch of your employer brand and integrating flawlessly with your corporate site.

Our front-end team are expert at pixel-perfect careers sites which seamlessly reflect your employer brand whilst providing a professional, sleek and engaging candidate experience. Hireserve ATS is the full package – leading recruitment software coupled with innovative careers sites.

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Careers website on a mobile phone

Social and mobile recruitment

Like many in-house recruiters, you’re probably aware of the stats out there: the increasing numbers of candidates seeking opportunities via mobile devices, the expectations candidates have of employers, and the ever-widening reach across social media.

Our recruitment technology integrates with a range of social and mobile recruitment initiatives. From Facebook plugins to social job-sharing, Hireserve ATS gives you the tools to attract and engage with even more candidates across social and mobile environments.

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Hireserve’s security

Security is top of our agenda as we believe nothing is more important than robust data security. All your data is safely protected by SSL, and our careers sites are consistently rated A or A+ SSL certificates.

Hireserve ATS is secure cloud recruitment software hosted in the UK and can also be licenced as a secure on-premise solution.

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Recruitment software for SMEs

Hireserve ATS is typically used by larger in-house recruitment teams, with clients ranging from Universities and public sector organisations to multi-national corporations and large not for profit organisations.

But if you’re an SME or smaller charity looking for a trusted, reliable and quality recruitment system, we also have a solution for you!

Using our core ATS technology, ATS2go is a lighter, simpler recruitment system – ideal for organisations taking their first steps into online recruitment software or requiring a simplified ATS.

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