Why Hireserve recruitment software?

Selecting the right supplier for your recruitment software is not an
easy task.

Clearly you want a system which incorporates all the features you need
and want – but how do you choose when most suppliers are saying their
systems do it all?

Here’s what makes Hireserve different…


Recruitment software with a human touch

Selecting recruitment software is about more than putting a tick in the ‘must have’ features box. It is about building a strong working relationship with your supplier and having confidence that you will be well supported throughout the selection process and beyond.

We have always maintained that customer care is our core value. And we have always believed that projects work well when we build a strong relationship with our customers.

That relationship begins when we first meet you – we like to find out about your organisation, what you do, how you do it, the type of people you are and how you like to work.

Rob & EmmaWe make implementation as painless as possible

We aim to make the transition from implementation to Go Live as smooth and predictable for you as possible, to give you confidence that you have chosen your recruitment software supplier wisely.

You’ll be working with an expert from day one; someone who knows Hireserve ATS inside out, really gets your organisational culture and unique needs, and someone who can configure Hireserve recruitment software exactly as you need it to get started.

Our team is based in the UK and we are always at the end of the phone or just an email away to give you guidance and advice whenever you need it. Before long you’ll get to know the team, our names will sound familiar and the relationship between us will have begun.


We genuinely care about our customers

Hannah & RobWe cannot stress this enough. If you’re a Hireserve recruitment software user, we go above and beyond to deliver the best customer care and support we can.

It’s an easy enough thing for suppliers to say, but we can prove it too! We were awarded the Service Excellence award at the 2015 Inspire Awards. At the end of the day though, we know it’s not about award ceremonies.

It’s about building those lasting, happy relationships with our customers. It’s delivering proactive front-line support and quality training. It’s about running free support clinics so customers can drop in for one-to-one advice and guidance. It’s holding our annual Hireserve User Group.

It’s all this and so much more. We’d love to talk you through our customer care, so please do contact us.

Bev Writing Bubble

What happens if things go wrong?

We’re sure you’ve heard all this before – suppliers will always say they are great at customer care and, to be fair, most suppliers do a pretty good job most of the time.  We like to have slightly higher stats and endeavour to give 100% service all of the time!

But, we’re not perfect and sometimes things do not quite go to plan. We make sure we understand what went wrong, why it went wrong and how we ensure it does not happen again.  We will be in touch in person with regular updates whilst we resolve an issue quickly and responsively.


Don’t take our word for it…

You are very welcome to contact any of our customers to ask them how they feel about us – and we would encourage you to do so. Here are a few you might like to read from customers who trust Hireserve ATS with their in-house recruitment.

“Thank you, Hireserve – you make my life easier every day. This is easily the best system I have used, with the very best support.”
Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Hireserve customerRoyal Botanic Gardens, Kew





“We picked Hireserve because of their customer approach. They rival many of the bigger players in the market, and not just rival them, exceed the expectations.”
Cranfield-UniversityCranfield University





The team at Hireserve are fantastic.  The training and support they provide is excellent, as are the communications we receive.”


Ready to find out more about Hireserve?

Whether you have questions about Hireserve ATS recruitment software, are interested in finding out more about the company and team, or simply want to pick our brains, we’d love you to get in touch.


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