Web Applications Developer

Adam’s role is in front-end development – working to create and update customers’ careers sites and candidate portals. He works closely with both the Development and Services teams to deliver projects for a diverse range of clients.

Adam started his career in website design in a part-time role at the tender age of 13! Working in a range of roles since then, he has honed his skills in web development and is currently learning three coding languages.

Outside of the office, Adam can be found playing or watching football, or out fishing. He admits to not being very patient, but the love of sitting and fishing runs in his family!

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Football, “Mighty Leeds”, pizza with garlic & herb dip


Onions, the sound of people eating and Bradford City FC

Favourite Holiday Destination

Caravanning with his family in Selsey

Favourite Car

Audi R8 – in matte black

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