When thinking about video interviewing and how it can reshape recruitment processes for the better, there’s one aspect that recruiters cannot afford to overlook: the candidate experience.

Sonru’s recent whitepaper delves into the candidate experience of video interviewing. The data has been derived from candidate feedback over the course of five years, and over 70,000 candidate surveys.

We have noticed a shift in demographics since 2011 with the gender gap closing from year one to year five and an increase in the proportion of candidates from the older age groups. Similarly, we are seeing video interviewing being used for a wider range of roles in terms of both the job function and level.

There has also been a shift in interview completion behaviour – the flexibility in how, where and when candidates complete their interviews. Today most interviews are completed from home, outside business hours and with the option of completing the interview from a mobile device.

Age is Just a Number

Contrary to the belief of some, video interviewing is not only accepted among younger generations – there has been a five-fold increase in candidates over 55 completing video interviews.


Charts depicting Age of Respondents by Sonru - changing face of video interviewing

Video Interviewing for All

Sonru’s research has shattered the misconception that video interviewing is only suitable for specific roles, or for volume recruitment. Usage is rising across many sectors, with more and more roles enjoying video interviewing in recruitment. Those unfamiliar with video interviewing often assume that entry-level and graduate roles are more suited to the technology, but the data indicates that these roles account for only one third of all role levels. In fact, 15% of video interviewing candidates are internal hires.

Chart depicting Roles by level by Sonru - changing face of video interviewing

Location, Location, Location

With 89% of candidates completing from home, and over two-thirds completing outside of business hours, candidates enjoy the flexibility and convenience that video interviewing provides. In today’s candidate-driven market, it’s important to ensure that your recruitment process is making you a more desirable employer.

Charts depicting Time&Place by Sonru - changing face of video interviewing

There’s no denying that video interviewing meets the needs of candidates, with 95% of candidates surveyed stating they would complete a video interview again. Sonru’s whitepaper highlights that candidates are changing, video interviewing is accepted across all role types and levels, and flexibility is a key factor in the recruitment process.


This article was written by Sonru, trusted global leader and pioneer of automated online video interviewing for screening candidates.

In addition to the above, Sonru’s whitepaper contains data on candidate awareness, confidence and satisfaction levels. For a full overview of the candidate experience and the changing face of video interviewing, Sonru’s ‘500,000 Insights on the Candidate Experience of Video Interviewing’ whitepaper is available to download, here.


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