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e-recruitment in the volunteer sector….?


With the UK’s economic recovery still weak and the impact of the Coalition Government’s huge spending cuts yet to be felt, the prospects of sustained growth in Britain’s economy remain weak and are likely to stay that way for some time.  However, even before David Cameron announced his idea of “the Big Society” one area that has achieved strong growth in recent years is the volunteering sector. An increase in public awareness, press coverage and a raised political profile has seen an unprecedented increase in the numbers of people enquiring about volunteering their time, skills and enthusiasm to a wide range of organisations.

One charity whose experience supports this view is The Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association.  John Bruce, Volunteering manager said: “We have seen a significant rise in the number of enquiries we are receiving and the trend is likely to continue with the advances in government’s policy and practice.  The sector is in a healthy situation and it will continue as long as the government’s policies are properly executed.”

Affordable e-recruitment technology is fast becoming an option for organisations looking to manage both staff and volunteer recruitment.  While cost control is obviously paramount, equipping the recruitment teams with the right processes to ensure greater efficiency and improve effectiveness is now a key factor in a volunteer recruitment strategy and recruitment software can make a huge impact on achieving these goals.  Click here to find out more….


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