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XLGrids are populated and refreshed directly from Hireserve ATS – the data is guaranteed to be live, current and accurate. No input or user error and an assurance that all data is valid.

Easy Data Changes

The main advantage of XLGrids over traditional spreadsheets is the speed with which changes to your data can be made and directly stored within the database. You do not have to open individual files to make or confirm changes – you can simply modify or add data to your XLGrid and the changes or additions are instantly recorded in the system.

Bulk Transaction Selection

XLGrids offer versatile yet simple bulk update functionality. For example, if you have a number of applications to review you can now select multiple candidates and execute a bulk update (e.g. reject unsuccessful candidates) whilst you are reviewing and evaluating the selected CVs.

Quicker sorting

Traditionally sorting data in a web application is time consuming as the information requested must be returned to the database to complete the sorting transaction. XLGrids, however, sort the data within the browser, which basically means that the sort takes places immediately on the screen without having to return to the database. This obviously saves you time and gives you the information you need quickly.

Hireserve XL gridsIntelligent Filtering

Filtering is a very simple way to sort a long list into a smaller one (i.e. with fewer and more relevant records). Traditional ATS sorting must be returned to the database before the revised list can be displayed which obviously takes time especially if a variety of filtering options is required. In contrast, XLGrids sort your data immediately without returning it to the database and offer more sophisticated filtering options. For example, you can filter a column of numbers by a series or range of numbers, a date column could be filtered by a particular period(s) and the values within a column can be linked to a value list which can then be filtered on any of the values it contains.

Automatic Paging

XLGrids present data in a very useable format by using automatic paging. You can have large amounts of data, for example a search of 1,000 candidates, and XLGrids will present this in defined pages of say, 20 rows, enabling you to easily scroll through and of course sort and filter as required.

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