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Google should easily be able to search your careers pages

Unfortunately, many Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are not able to offer SEO tools to promote your vacancies as they are built with iFrame technology. Although this is quick and often inexpensive to implement it can be very limiting – your jobs will not be indexed under your own careers site so will be more difficult to find by candidates searching online.

Hireserve ATS, our recruitment software, comprises technologies which ensure your vacancies are automatically indexed and easily found and highly ranked.

Let Google read

In order for Google and other search engines to fully index a page, they need to “see” what key information it contains.  You can liken this to reading a newspaper – looking at headlines, sub-headings and bylines to gauge what an article is about. So, search engines will “read” a page extracting important information such as the address, the title, the chapters and sections and key words in bold type.

Our recruitment software automatically incorporates the codes used for this key information into your vacancies so that when they are posted online they are quickly detected and returned following an online search.

Most importantly, Hireserve ATS does this automatically.

Google needs to know how important and relevant you are!

The more important or relevant the page, the higher it will be ranked in Google. But, how does Google “know” this? It is quite complex but, put simply, Google measures a number of factors including how long visitors stay on your page (the longer they stay the greater the relevance) and how many links point to your page (the more links you have the greater the relevance).

Automatic jobtweets , RSS feeds as well as incorporating links to various pages, such as current vacancies, are all additional methods of increasing visibility to search engines of your vacancies. And, the great thing is that, again, Hireserve ATS does this automatically.

Google likes to keep in touch

It is essential that search engines return relevant and current information from a search; for vacancy searches it is vital that the vacancies are still live and current and displaying the correct information. It is frustrating to search for a job only to find that it has been filled or an old posting. This is unsatisfactory for candidates and presents a poor image of your organisation. Most websites are scanned by Google on a weekly or perhaps monthly basis so information can be quite outdated.

Again, our recruitment software has one simple solution….every time you publish, edit or remove a job it automatically updates all the major search engines giving you an SEO friendly careers page!

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