Reporting and recruitment analytics

We know that accurate reporting is always
high on an in-house recruiter’s wish list.

Hireserve ATS provides reliable, accurate data
in a suite of standard reports and recruitment
analytics that you can trust.

Measure, evaluate and understand your recruitment.

Hireserve ATS standard reports

A wealth of recruitment data at your fingertips

Throughout our years as recruitment software specialists, we’ve always retained our focus on providing a relevant, reliable and in-depth reporting function in Hireserve ATS.

With reports ranging from time-to-hire to source reporting, and from cost-per-hire to recruitment activity, our reporting suite is available to all users as standard.

Accurate data is a must, not a privilege.

Sharing recruitment analytics and data

A connected recruitment reporting function

Hireserve ATS reports can be shared quickly and easily with other users, or added to a ‘Favourite Reports’ list on your Dashboard.

Your reports can run automatically, such as daily or monthly, and will be emailed directly to you and/or additional recipients.

Reports can be exported to Excel or PDF for ease of sharing. For even greater flexibility, you can choose to display your reports as charts, lists, tables or grids.

Reporting & My Jobs Graph draft 6Custom recruitment reports

Create bespoke reports delivering exactly what you need

The outstanding configurability and flexibility within Hireserve ATS extends to our reporting capabilities.

Our Report Builder function lets you create customised reports by selecting exactly what information you need in real time.

Use them, save them, edit them, share them – sophisticated yet simple reporting functionality.

Recruitment Cost Mapping

How much does each vacancy cost?

Your vacancy costs are easily tracked within Hireserve ATS.

Together with Google Analytics, you have detailed data to show you which recruitment channels are the most effective for your organisation and delivering your recruitment ROI.

Recruitment analytics

Hireserve ATS integrated with Google Analytics

Our integration with Google Analytics lets you effectively and accurately measure your careers site traffic and engagement.

This, coupled with our range of standard and custom reports, ensures you get a real understanding of what recruitment initiatives, advertising campaigns or strategies are effective and are directing candidates to your careers site.

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