Senior Marketing Executive

Leah’s role at Hireserve involves blogging and other content creation,
posting on social media, organising events, running our email marketing
campaigns and more!

Leah is currently finishing her Level 4 certificate in Professional Marketing,
which she’s really excited to be completing. Creative and enthusiastic,
Leah brings bags of innovation to her Marketing role.

Leah also utilises her artistic talents outside of the office – when
away from her desk, you’ll most likely find her at the pottery wheel,
making bowls, mugs, candlesticks and more. And if not, you’ll find her
walking her two dogs, Coco and Shelby!

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Crème brûlée, scarves, The Sopranos


Forgetting to bring reusable bags to the shops, dusting, blunt pencils

Favourite Music

Patti Smith or Gregory Porter

Favourite Brand

Liberty London

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