Director of staff morale 


Mabel is predominantly based at home but does attend her office duties occasionally. When she does, she makes sure to greet everyone in the office with a smile and the odd tail wag. Mabel encourages her colleagues to take a break from their computer screens and marvel at her tricks and antics, and will never say no to a belly rub.

If you were to ask Mabel’s colleagues what her best qualities were, they would say she’s extremely loyal, always happy and loves making other people smile. She also possesses fantastic time management skills, knowing exactly when it’s time for dinner and walkies.

When Mabel’s not in the office, you’ll often find her asleep, running around the woods, meeting with her other four legged friends for playtime or daydreaming about chasing tennis balls and squirrels.




Walkies, greeting my owners when they come home, pouncing on the bed in the morning, having my tummy rubbed, my tennis ball


Being hosed down when I am muddy, loud bangs, my toys being washed, thunder

Favourite Film

Lassie Come Home

Favourite Sport

Ball throwing

In my team

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