Automated reference requests

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Hireserve ATS offers you the ability to send bespoke reference requests automatically.

Saving you time and administration

The automated reference requests feature is highly flexible, time-saving and reduces administration for you and your team.

Send bespoke emails quickly and easily

As with many tools in Hireserve ATS, the automated reference requests feature is completely configurable, allowing you to tailor your processes to best suit you and your team.

Send different emails to different
referee types
You might wish to send one type of email and reference form to one type of referee (e.g. ‘Employer’) and another for a different type of referee (e.g. ‘Personal’).

Request references at different stages for different jobs
Your process for teaching jobs, for example, might be to request references before the first interview, but for administrative jobs, references might only be requested at the point the candidate accepts an offer.

Override preferences if required to
Your candidates may mark certain referees as ‘not to be contacted before interview’ when they apply for a role with you. However, you can override this if required to, giving the flexibility you need to meet the requirements of different processes.

Trigger manual reference requests
Alongside your automated rules, you can also
trigger manual reference requests when needed.


“We’ve built the new automated reference request feature to be as agile as possible. The tool is based on simple automation rules, but there is virtually no limit to how, when or why you apply those rules for different roles, referees and process.” – Jeremy Ovenden, Founder & Director of Hireserve

Further information

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