Hirechecks: pre-employment checks

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Pre-employment checks - as quick as a flash!
Manage your end-to-end checks process within your ATS.
Automate your checks

Hirechecks is a pre-employment module that allows you to automate the requesting and completion of a huge range of pre-employment checks (and general activities), triggering checks at different points of the process to help you keep control.

Checks can be wide ranging – from uploading proof of right to work to requesting IT equipment for the first day of your new hire. Checks can also be allocated to any individual involved in the process.

If, for all prospective employees, certain forms need completing and information needs to be supplied, this can be automated through Hirechecks. As soon as a candidate accepts their offer, automated requests can be delivered to them immediately.

Whether next of kin or requests, DBS certificates or professional qualifications, Hirechecks saves time collating and documenting the multitude of documents that can be time consuming as part of the onboarding process.

Hire on the move

For many organisations, interviews can take place in multiple locations. It might be that you meet candidates off-site, or that your organisation doesn’t have a local office or the right equipment for you to conduct an interview and collate all the documents then and there.

With Hirechecks, simply use your device to log into the ATS and take a snap. The file will then be uploaded directly into the candidates file and shared with other parties that may need to see it during the hiring/onboarding process.

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Monitor, analyse and report

Hirechecks enables you to monitor your end to end recruitment process better than ever before. Where there are multiple stakeholders looking for updates on the current status of a prospective employee’s transition into the workplace, each can easily see the current status of the checks applicable to that role. It is also easy to report with more depth on the entire recruitment process to see if you are seeing lags in the time to onboard, after all, those days without a new employee in situ can be days you’re paying for an agency worker to carry out their role at a higher cost to the organisation.

Hireserve does not undertake any background or screening checks as part of this module.

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