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Simon Allen

Applications Developer

Oracle development

Experienced support

Ginger snaps

Drinks a wide range of teas

Simon Allen - Hireserve recruitment software Applications Developer

Simon graduated from the University of Bath with a degree in Computer Science and started his career with Oracle in an application support role. He later moved into telecommunications cloud provisioning and support before joining Hireserve in 2013.

He helps to develop Hireserve products primarily from the database perspective, also providing occasional technical support and implementation assistance.

He can often be found drinking some tea, beating the rest of the team at table football and enjoying his favourite biscuit (all at the same time).

In the evenings Simon likes to go climbing and play football (not at the same time), or otherwise can be found relaxing in front of a good book, TV show or movie.

Favourite biscuit: Ginger snaps

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