Where do we start with public sector hiring challenges?

There’s the sheer diversity of roles you could be hiring for. The strict budgets that need adhering to. The sometimes-negative perception of careers within the sector.

So, we’re sharing 5 tips for hiring top talent in the public sector.

Originally published on Only Marketing Jobs,* and ranging from shared services to identifying your ideal hires, these could help elevate your public sector hiring.

“Identify exactly what makes a good hire within your business… It’s a good chance to get creative and deliver a recruitment process that reflects the wants and needs of both your organisation and the candidate! This will be particularly useful to you when hiring in volume…”

Read it now: 5 tips to recruit top talent in the public sector

At Hireserve, we work with a number of public sector in-house recruitment teams, who do fantastic work sourcing, attracting and engaging with hard-to-find talent.

What’s more, as sponsors of the Best Public Sector/Not-for-Profit Recruitment Team category at the In-house Recruitment Awards, we’re also learning more about the four finalists’ approach to recruitment.

Hiring in the public sector can be a challenge, certainly. But with exciting, creative and effective resourcing teams out there, the future looks bright.

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*Written by Laura Chetcuti for Only Marketing Jobs and shared with kind permission

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