Hireserve: A thriving UK recruitment technology company

Hireserve ATS is an Applicant Tracking System designed specifically to help in-house recruitment teams automate, streamline and manage their recruitment processes online.

Organisations trust Hireserve because of our highly knowledgeable and dedicated implementation, technical and support specialists. We’ve also been told that we are a pleasure to work with, which is always a nice thing to hear!


“The Hireserve team have been consistently extremely helpful. Their support has been nothing less than exceptional

Our story

Hireserve was founded in 1997 by Jeremy and Karen Ovenden.

In 1997, online recruitment software didn’t really exist. Terms like ‘employer branding’ and ‘candidate engagement’ weren’t the buzzwords they are today. And Jeremy and Karen were two happily settled thirty-somethings with a young family.

Jeremy, then working as a Project Manager for Oracle, had identified a gap in the market for a new idea. He was eager to start developing his own technology that could make a real impact on in-house recruitment teams and overhaul existing processes.

There was a lot for Jeremy and Karen to talk about. Could they really branch out on their own? How would they manage a business and their family? And would it all be worth the risk?

It really was…

Today, Jeremy and Karen walk into an office filled with talented, dedicated and happy people. They talk to satisfied customers. They know that Hireserve ATS – the Applicant Tracking System borne from Jeremy’s idea all those years ago – is helping in-house recruitment teams at organisations across the globe to recruit more efficiently, affordably and flexibly.

Our values are based on the same good business sense, hard work and fairness with which Jeremy and Karen launched the business. And our open and trusting company culture has grown from Karen’s commitment to promoting flexible working, collaboration and a sustainable work-life balance.

There is a lot on our website about the benefits of applying Hireserve ATS to your recruitment processes, so we won’t go into it here.

Instead, we wanted this page to help you understand a little more about where we’ve come from, why Hireserve means so much to us all and how that care and passion translates into exceptional recruitment technology and customer support.