Why we do what we do

Hearing real success stories from our customers
is what truly brings Hireserve ATS to life. 

Learn how organisations in the public sector, higher education, third sector and commercial sector across the world have used Hireserve ATS to strengthen their candidate experience, revolutionise their processes and decrease their cost-per-hire.



Cranfield University

“We picked Hireserve because of their customer approach; their customer service skills are very good. I feel that they rival many of the bigger players in the market, and not just rival them, exceed the expectations.”

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Aberystwyth University

“The Hireserve team have been consistently extremely helpful. Their support has been nothing less than exceptional”

Hireserve ATS works seamlessly with higher education recruitment and is trusted by universities across the UK.

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StepChange Debt Charity

“Working with Hireserve, we knew we would be able to put our own stamp on our hiring processes. Longevity was also important to consider; we have been able to develop our recruitment offering greatly over the last few years and we still have big and exciting plans! We needed a system that could support us and grow with us – and we saw that potential in Hireserve ATS.”

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Lincolnshire City Council

“We are always looking for ways to continue saving time and money for the Council and to increase efficiencies in the Resourcing Team. With this system, I am confident we can do this. The system seems to have an endless capacity for change.”

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