Empowering Hiring Managers, enhancing onboarding and improving satisfaction

Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) has over 4,500 employees and delivers a range of services and support to residents across seven districts.

Since implementing Unit4 Recruitment, an Applicant Tracking System powered by Hireserve, LCC has transformed its recruitment processes. The Council has secured significant time and cost savings whilst also seeing user and candidate satisfaction levels peak.


Before Unit4 Recruitment…

Lincolnshire County Council already had an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in place, but the Recruitment team were growing frustrated with its lack of flexibility and were not confident that it could continue to sustain their longer-term plans and ambitions.

The Council selected and implemented Unit4 Recruitment in 2015. Alison Miller, Resourcing Service Delivery Advisor at Lincolnshire County Council explained:

“As soon as we began using Unit4 Recruitment, we understood how we could shape and change the system to both support and enhance our existing workflows. Longer term, we also know we would be able to introduce new processes.”


Transforming processes with technology

Top of the Resourcing Team’s list was to embed a self-service model for Hiring Managers.

“The premise of a self-service model had always been in the back of our minds, but we had to ensure that the Council was ready for such a shift in process. When we selected Unit4 Recruitment, we weren’t ready to go self-service but we were confident that we would be able to implement the process in the future.” – Alison Miller

The team began to break down the recruitment process, identifying which elements would be handled by the Council’s 300+ Hiring Managers.

They also held briefing sessions with Hiring Managers to understand what they wanted to get out of the proposed new model, before working with Hireserve to configure Unit4 Recruitment to meet their requirements.


What does the self-service model look like?

Since the new process has gone live, Hiring Managers drive a large part of the recruitment process, enabling the Council’s Resourcing Advisors to provide a more qualitative and service-focused role.

Resourcing Advisors support Hiring Managers with the initial job copy and advertising, but Managers then go on to manage the shortlisting process themselves with candidates using the self-select function for interview slots. At the point of conditional offer, a Recruitment Administrator is alerted and steps in to support the onboarding process.

Alison explained further:

“Our end-to-end recruitment process is managed entirely within Unit4 Recruitment, with workflows and triggers set up to perfectly reflect our roles and procedures.”


Tangible results

“The Council has reaped significant time and cost benefits from empowering Hiring Managers to take control of recruiting new staff. Our Resourcing Advisors now have time to focus on research and sourcing, which in turn strengthens the perception of us a valued service provider within the organisation.

Perhaps the most significant changes can be seen in our Recruitment Administration team, whereby we have been able to save c. £25,000 through automation and a refreshed team structure.”


What’s next for Lincolnshire County Council and Unit4 Recruitment?

Not content with transforming its hiring process, the team have also used Unit4 Recruitment to enhance the Council’s onboarding stage – starting with reference collection:

“As a public sector organisation, we have a range of references to collect, and have subsequently built 7 different request forms within Unit4 Recruitment! Now, as soon as a conditional offer is made, our Recruitment Admins step in and the automatic reference collection workflow is triggered. We also use Unit4 Recruitment to collect new starter information.” – Alison Miller

With a wholly automated hiring and on-boarding process, Lincolnshire County Council has saved, on average, 18 days off the end-to-end recruitment process.

Relationships and visibility across the organisation have also improved, as the Resourcing team now provides Hiring Managers with a weekly status update for their candidates and jobs.

Alison continued:

“We are always looking for ways to continue saving time and money for the Council, and to increase efficiencies in the Resourcing Team. With Unit4 Recruitment, I am confident we can do this. The system seems to have endless capacity for change.”


“Be brave”

Alongside the time and cost savings Unit4 Recruitment has helped to deliver, the Resourcing Service now receives exceptional feedback in its monthly Staff and Candidate satisfaction surveys. These ask contributors to rate speed and service, and the most recent results boasted scores of 95% for staff and 97% for candidates.

Alison left us with some words of advice for other public sector organisations: 

“Be strong. Be brave. When I look back at the changes we have made at Lincolnshire County Council, they’re pretty radical for a Local Authority. So step away from the norm and your comfort zone, talk to your technology partner and explore what new processes you can embed. Change can always happen if you want it to.”

“The system seems to have endless capacity for change”

Where to next?

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