Your organisation’s recruitment process is unique.


During your implementation phase, we work closely with you to devise and deliver a tailor-made implementation plan and timetable to suit your specific recruitment needs.

While we may be a technology company, the heart of our business will always be the people in our team. With our award winning service, boundless energy and care and experience, we help organisations around the world attract, engage and recruit the ultimate talent.


“Working with Hireserve, we knew we would be able to put our own stamp on our hiring processes.”


Your implementation choices

At Hireserve, we take two approaches to ATS implementation. Both ensure you receive exactly what you want and need in terms of functionality, and are completely satisfied with the look and feel of your ATS, careers page and candidate portal.

‘Quickstart’ implementation

The first is our ‘Quick Start’ method, in which we undertake standard configuration based on predefined workflows and
processes. This generally suits organisations with ‘typical’ recruitment needs, and can result in a faster build.

‘Clean slate’ build

With this option, the Implementation Consultant will work closely with the customer organisation to determine the scope of the ATS, right through from authority to recruit, to onboarding.

This approach tends to be favoured by organisations with more complex or unique requirements, and results in a bespoke system, tailored to their processes.

Customer care is always our priority

Regardless of which approach is taken, each client is assigned a dedicated Hireserve point of contact to guide them through each stage of the process.


“[During the implementation] it felt like we were constantly having our hand held throughout the process.  I was particularly impressed by the attention to detail. We’re quite picky here!
But Hireserve were incredibly professional throughout, and we always knew who to contact if we needed to discuss something.”


Your remote implementation plan

If your organisation is still reducing face-to-face meetings, or on-site visits, then fear not.  We are still well equipped to implement an ATS with your organisation remotely. 

Spreading out the first ‘requirements capture’ meeting over several days in shorter virtual meetings, rather than the usual full day face-to-face meeting, enables all relevant team members to join a remote session.

The usual difficulties around scheduling a full day workshop and having all the relevant parties on site and with clear diaries are removed with remote implementation. Costs are also minimized, with no travel involved.

We will use our 20 years’ experience of creating solutions to seamlessly guide you through the implementation phase, taking every care to work with and enhance your existing processes.

We also like to work with a project team incorporating representatives from IT, Marketing and HR/Recruitment as this cooperative approach tends to result in the most successful implementations.

We tailor your implementation based on you and your team and what works best for your business overall.

Want to learn more? Download your guide to remote ATS implementation 

Hireserve top tips

To help us deliver exactly what you want and need, here are some tips to preparing for your implementation:

  • Provide clear information
    The more detail you can provide upfront the better.


  • Be aware of timescales
    Your project plan will detail core deadlines and project points for both parties to adhere to.


  • Secure internal engagement
    Ensure your colleagues’ expectations of the new system mirror yours.


  • Don’t feel alone
    You should have someone you can call if you have a question, and an expert delivering training, advice, and recommendations.