Why do organisations work with us?

Hireserve ATS is trusted by organisations in a diverse range of sectors across the world. From leading universities to global engineering firms, our technology is used to help in-house recruitment teams hire the talent they need.

But there’s much more to us than Applicant Tracking System technology…


Customer care

As a Hireserve customer, you are in safe hands.

All customers have access to the Hireserve Hub, an online support centre where users can access resources from user guides to webinars.

Our support desk is manned by the people who use and work with Hireserve ATS every day. So no call centres, no chat-bots and no irritating hold music!

The biggest strength of Hireserve is the staff who work there. The front level support have a great understanding of the solution and always really keen to help and test scenarios. The second level support are fantastic and always keen to assist with new business processes and guide customers on the best way to get the most out of the system”

Hireserve delivers recruitment software with a human touch, so we’re always finding opportunities to step away from the laptops and meet our customers face-to-face. You’ll be invited to free Support Clinics, our annual Hireserve User Group conference and Account Review meetings throughout our relationship.



Hireserve ATS is built on foundations of 20+ years of experience.

This experience is important because we have seen how the in-house recruitment community has developed over the last two decades – so we’re well placed to anticipate change and further evolution.

As a stand-alone ATS, you benefit from a sheer intensity of focus. No recruitment, HR or payroll modules. Instead, an Applicant Tracking System that enables you to manage, communicate with and hire candidates seamlessly and with the utmost flexibility and confidence.

And as we have developed Hireserve ATS specifically for in-house recruitment teams, there are no bending of processes or trying to make a square peg fit a round hole. It’s built, from the ground up, for you.



Hireserve has been awarded the ISO 27001:2013 certification, recognised worldwide as the standard for information security management.

With the ISO 27001 certification, Hireserve customers can be confident that we can prevent and defend against potential data system vulnerabilities, have a robust set of information security controls, and that we undertake regular checks for security threats and vulnerabilities.

Our team are dedicated to ensuring we meet the latest OWASP standards and best practice, and our customer careers sites are consistently rated highly by independent security reviews.

This year, a key priority for many organisations has been GDPR. We have delivered product functionality to ensure our customers can meet their data controller responsibilities when using Hireserve ATS, and strong information security practices form part of our data processor responsibilities.



“This is easily the best system I have used, with the very best support.”


“The team at Hireserve are fantastic.”


“We have not been disappointed in the product, the customer service and the general ‘can do’ approach of Hireserve!”


Ultimately, it comes down to trust.

Internal HR & recruitment teams trust our technology to help them manage their recruitment processes online. Hireserve ATS is built on foundations of 20+ years of technology experience, and our Founder, Jeremy Ovenden, still leads the team today and oversees every inch of the product.

Hireserve is a business brimming with dedicated, driven and inventive people. Customers trust our team to look after them, to help them get the best out of their recruitment technology and embed new processes that will have a tangible impact on their work.

They trust our passion for the future of recruitment technology. It’s in our DNA to constantly push boundaries and seek new solutions, whether that’s a new integration, a way to enhance candidate screening, an engaging new interface… the list goes on.

We’re always looking ahead at what our customers (and your candidates) need today and tomorrow.

And they trust our commitment. Our word is our bond. We’re steeped in the same values of fairness and good sense that Jeremy and Karen used as the foundations upon which to build Hireserve over 20 years ago.


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