How can Hireserve ATS improve your processes?

If you’re reading this, you may already have some key objectives in mind. Whether you want to lighten administration for your team, reduce your agency spend, or something completely different, Hireserve ATS can help you achieve it (and much more).

With our technology and brilliant people, we aim to take the ‘essentials’ an Applicant Tracking System should deliver and go beyond your expectations.


I have a great relationship with the all of the team and they are very supportive and helpful” – Claire at StepChange Debt Charity

How can we help you?

 You’ll save time

We understand that time is short, and you’ve got a lot on your to-do list

From the moment your candidate applies and is automatically entered into your secure online database, you will be able to easily find, track and share their details with colleagues.

Hireserve ATS will also reduce your administration workload, automating processes and freeing up time for your team to work on more strategic, higher value work.

 Your candidates matter

And it’s important to provide them with a great candidate experience

With Hireserve ATS you can deliver a consistent and connected experience for your candidates. By having a professionally branded career site, you can reduce drop-out rates and keep candidates fully engaged throughout each stage of the application process.

From specialised integrations such as SMS technology to custom automated emails, you’ll be able to quickly and easily send branded, personal communications to your candidates.

 You want to reduce your spend

We know it’s vital to see a Return on Investment 

An ATS can significantly reduce the cost of agency fees, recruitment administration, and advertising.

You can also track your recruitment costs in Hireserve ATS, and better focus future spend through source reporting.

‘By using the Interview Scheduler has saved the charity 30 minutes/application, translating as approx. £20,000 per annum’

 You need to be seen…

To attract the best candidates, you need to be in the right places  

Increase organic reach and reach a wide pool of candidates with our range of social and job board integrations.

From automatic Job tweets to vacancies on Facebook, reach untapped talent with Hireserve ATS.

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 …and to see your results

Visualise your successes and dig deeper into data

Hireserve ATS offers a comprehensive reporting suite, allowing you to quickly access a range of standard reports, or build your own reports for a totally custom insight.

Visualise your results to share with your team. Highlight your successes, establish where you can make improvements, and secure buy-in for new companies or platforms.


 You need a system your whole team can use

Engage stakeholders across your organisation

Hireserve ATS is not only for Recruitment and HR teams. We’ve built the system to be accessible across your whole organisation.

Whether you want a Hiring Manager-led process, or for your recruitment to be driven and owned solely by HR, you can configure custom workflows and steps to match your organisation’s culture and processes.

Set permissions to ensure each user is seeing relevant information, communicate via comments within the system, and stay in the loop with every new update.


 You need to know it’s secure

You can trust that we take every measure to ensure our software (and our organisation) is as secure as possible

Hireserve has been awarded the ISO 27001 certification, recognised worldwide as the standard for information security management.

Our team are dedicated to ensuring we meet the latest OWASP standards and best practice, and our customer careers sites are consistently rated highly by independent security reviews.

In 2018, a key priority for many organisations was GDPR. We delivered data protection functionality to ensure our customers can meet their data controller responsibilities when using Hireserve ATS. Strong information security practices also form part of our data processor responsibilities.

You need an ATS that values the way you work

What makes Hireserve’s recruitment software unique is its configurability

We approach each build with a clean slate and with your specific needs in mind.

Learn more about the core functionality of Hireserve ATS – and learn why it is trusted by so many leading organisations around the world to manage and streamline their hiring processes.

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