Data and Reporting

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Hireserve ATS offers a wealth of recruitment data and reporting tools at your fingertips to create an engaging and accurate model for analytics. Improve recruitment and optimise performance with our HR software.
At a glance:

  • Comprehensive suite of standard reports.
  • Reports can be shared with other users quickly and easily.
  • Option to export data to Microsoft Excel.
  • Report scheduler provides a secure and reliable method to process reports and deliver the results via
    a regular email.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.
  • ‘Report Builder’ allows you to create custom reports to suit your organisation’s needs and
    deliver data for your specific success metrics.
  • Track recruitment cost types against each vacancy to capture the true cost of your recruitment activity.
  • Report on your recruitment costs for your specific requirements, such as ‘Organisation’, ‘Business Area’,
    ‘Campaigns’, ‘Locations’, etc.
  • Transform reports from rows of data into bar charts, line graphs, heat maps and more – all at the touch
    of the ‘Visualise’ button.
  • Save and edit your ‘favourite’ scenes, and embed into documents and business cases to engage
    stakeholders and evidence recommendations

Standard reports

Hireserve ATS provides a comprehensive suite of standard reports to help with the recruitment process. Our automated dashboard offers a simpler and more efficient approach to hiring, organising reports, metrics, applications, records and creating a mature model for analytics.

With reports ranging from ‘Time to hire’ to ‘Candidate source’, and from ‘Cost per hire’ to ‘Recruitment activity’, our reporting suite is available to all users as standard, making each hire more efficient. With recruiting software, all the facets of talent acquisition are made simple, from applications all the way through to hiring. Our data-driven software is designed to improve the candidate experience as well as empower the recruiter and HR analytics manager.

Accurate, reliable and relevant data and reporting is a must-have for your in-house recruitment team. With Hireserve ATS you can be confident that you not only have access to a wide range of standard reports, but that you’ll also have support from our team to get the most out of your data. Sophisticated recruitment analytics are key to good hiring practice, successful HR management and satisfying performance. 

Data visuals

Bring your recruitment data and analysis to life with the Hireserve ATS data visualisation tool and automated dashboard.

When you’re looking at a report in Hireserve ATS, you can hit the ‘Visualise’ button to convert that report into a colourful and engaging diagram. You’ll transform your data into graphs and simple analytics at the click of a button!



Using a simple drag ‘n’ drop interface, you can change your data into a bar graph, a pie chart, a heat map and more. You can add and remove rows, columns or metrics instantly, to create an engaging, unique and accessible data visualisation strategy.

With Hireserve’s insight dashboard you can create engaging and accessible model for analytics, and gain insight into your organisation’s data patterns. HR software brings you a recruiting dashboard to save time and money on recruitment, ensuring that hiring is optimised.

Report Builder

If you need to report on something unique to your organisation or really drill down into a particular data set, use the Hireserve Report Builder tool.

You can start building your custom report from the ground up, to capture the exact metrics you need. This means that you can have complete access to every stage of recruitment and control over every element of HR, without leaving out any important metrics.

Build your own bespoke reports using a wealth of data and flexibility and have all the tools you need to report on every element of your recruitment process. The effect of this software on hiring and acquisition cannot be overstated- you’ll be able to get insights straight into your inbox with our system of recruitment analytics.

And if you can’t pull the exact data you’re looking for, simply talk to us. Our team thrive on helping our recruiters and HR managers get the most out of their data and reporting. If the information’s within the tracking platform, we’ll help you find it! Our team can support you to build an effective report and turn it into meaningful data that deliver results for your organisation.

Hireserve offers the recruitment analytics you need. With our wealth of data, automated dashboard, and range of tools you can improve the recruitment process simply and easily.