Pre-employment checks

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Pre-employment checks - as quick as a flash!
Manage your end-to-end checks process within your ATS.
At a glance

  • View and track all pre-employment and onboarding actions from within Hireserve ATS, keeping all of your pre-employment data and documents secure.
  • Pre-employment tasks are automatically triggered at the relevant stages of the recruitment process and can be assigned automatically to users.
  • Set up automated alerts and reminders to complete actions by a target date, before they become overdue.
  • Recruiters and Managers can quickly review outstanding checks and tasks against a candidate or against a vacancy as a whole.
  • Documentation can be captured within the ATS (securely using the camera in a user’s phone or uploaded) and stored against a candidate as evidence of the check. No images are stored on a user’s phone.
  • Configure bespoke actions and steps for different roles across an organisation.
  • Track the performance of third party services, such as DBS or background checking providers.
    Note: Hireserve does not undertake any background screening or similar checks itself

Automate your checks

Hirechecks is a pre-employment module that allows you to automate the requesting and completion of a huge range of pre-employment checks (and general activities), triggering checks at different points of the process to help you keep control.

Checks can be wide ranging – from uploading proof of right to work to requesting IT equipment for the first day of your new hire. Checks can also be allocated to any individual involved in the process.

If, for all prospective employees, certain forms need completing and information needs to be supplied, this can be automated through Hirechecks. As soon as a candidate accepts their offer, automated requests can be delivered to them immediately.

Whether next of kin or requests, background checks, DBS certificates or professional qualifications, Hirechecks saves time collating and documenting the multitude of documents that can be time consuming as part of the onboarding process.

Hire on the move

For many organisations, interviews can take place in multiple locations. It might be that you meet candidates off-site, or that your organisation doesn’t have a local office or the right equipment for you to conduct an interview and collate all the documents then and there.

These could include ID documents, education verification, evidence of DBS checks and more.



With Hirechecks, simply use your device to log into the ATS and take a snap of the documentation. The file will then be uploaded directly into the candidates file and shared with other parties that may need to see it during the hiring/onboarding process.

This is a handy, safe and secure way to ensure that you have evidence of your pre-employment screening, compliance management or vetting documentation.

No image content is stored on the device used, so you can be confident in maintaining data security and ensure you are working in line with the principles of the Data Protection Act (previously GDPR).

Monitor, analyse and report

Hirechecks enables you to monitor your end to end recruitment cycle better than ever before. Where there are multiple stakeholders looking for updates on the current status of a prospective employee’s transition into the workplace, each can easily see the current status of the checks applicable to that role.

It is also easy to report with more depth on the entire recruitment process to see if you are seeing lags in the time to onboard, after all, those days without a new employee in situ can be days you’re paying for an agency worker to carry out their role at a higher cost to the organisation.

Why are pre-employment checks so important?

Background screening and pre-employment checking are a crucial part of the hiring process in terms of safety and legality. From DBS and criminal record checks, to Right to Work, it’s essential that you have a system in place whereby you can simply and securely record evidence and verification of your candidates’ background, experience or suitability for a role.

But it's not just employment screening and security vetting with Hirechecks...

We know that when new staff start, there’s a whole plethora of tasks and activities you need to sort before their first day. And the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t changed that – if anything there needs to be even more focus on your onboarding process, as so many new starters will be joining you remotely. They need to be able to jump right in and get started in their new role – not waiting for their induction plan or help logging into their new laptop.

The Hirechecks portal should be home to all your new starter checks and activities. Perhaps you need to assign a reminder to an HR user to provide additional paperwork to your hire. Or you may need to allocate a task to an IT user to ensure your new starter has all their hardware and equipment ready to go on day one.

You can manage all of these processes and workflows from within Hirechecks. It’s simple, secure and makes life easier – for you, your stakeholders, and your new hires!

Hireserve does not undertake any background, credit checks or screening checks itself as part of this module, but does have an open API which means clients may be able to request or use integration partners or complementary background checking technology to support their disclosure and security requirements and, ultimately, enhance their hiring decisions.

What about onboarding?

Again, effective and engaging digital onboarding is seeing an increased focus since the Coronavirus pandemic and change in working patterns. With a potentially wider and more diverse talent pool opening up for employers, it’s crucial that new starters receive the support and guidance they need to ensure they can start immersing themselves in your company culture and begin performing in their roles.

From staff videos and welcome emails, to sharing your new hire’s first week induction plan, IT log-ins or other practical information, every touch point ahead of Day 1 with your new employee can help them feel more engaged with your organisation.

Often, the automation tools and solutions found in Hireserve ATS can help you to maintain engagement with your new hires, such as automated, personalised emails or the fully branded candidate portal.

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