CV Anonymisation

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The Hireserve ATS ‘CV Anonymisation Tool’ removes the risk of any conscious or unconscious bias from the hiring process. Companies are becoming more aware of the importance and benefits of building an inclusive workplace. D&I initiatives can be challenging, but Hireserve can help…
At a glance:

  • Remove personal info from CVs such as name, email, and postal address
  • Obscure additional information such as career and education history timelines, names of universities, and previous employers
  • Easily customise the level of anonymisation you wish to adopt
  • Original CVs will be made available to hiring teams once an interview is confirmed.

What is CV Anonymisation?

Hiring the right candidate can be challenging, especially as the hiring process often requires teams to overcome their own unconscious biases.

Unconscious biases are any subconscious preferences you may have that could influence your opinion. These biases are known to be a part of human nature, but they can become a real hindrance when you’re trying to recruit the best and brightest applicants.

There are several different types of biases such as:

  • Ageism
  • Affinity bias
  • Confirmation bias
  • Beauty bias

These are only some examples; there are many different types of biases. The common factor inherent with these various biases is that they typically occur without people even realising. For example, a recruiter may be unconsciously biased towards applicants who are the same gender or attended the same university that they did.

To combat these biases, CV anonymisation is a method used in both agency and in-house recruitment teams to effectively redact personal identifiable information (PII) from a CV.

Most people see this as simple as removing the name, email, and postal address from the CV, but as we can see, eliminating the risk of bias requires going further than that.

Career and education history timelines, images, names of universities and previous employers all go some way to add to unconscious bias during short listing.

Companies looking for ways to ensure their recruitment process adheres to ED&I principles must remove any unconscious bias that has traditionally impacted recruitment.

How it works

Whether you are entering a candidate directly into the HS and attaching a CV or using an application from for the candidate to upload their CV, you will be able to anonymize the data.

You can choose which level of anonymization your company wish to adopt by selecting the data you would like the tool to remove from our configuration screen.

The tool will redact the PII from the CV and return this version to the ATS and store under the candidate.

The hiring manager will only see the anonymized CV in the Hiring Manager Portal. A soon as a candidate is moved to Interview Confirmed, the original CV will be released to the interviewing panel and the hiring manager.

See the CV Anonymisation tool in action

Hireserve ATS ensures you’re equipped with all the automated tools you need for recruitment.

If you want to discover how the Hireserve ATS can remove bias from your processes and enable you to hire the best talent, book a demo to watch the platform in action.