Candidate screening

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Sophisticated candidate screening to shortlist your applicants effectively and efficiently.
At a glance:

  • Use pre-screening questions (known as ‘Killer Questions’) to manage high volume recruitment.
  • Create weighted ‘Job Specific Questions’ to assess candidates’ suitability for certain roles.
  • View candidates’ suitability at a glance with the star-rated ‘Assessment Criteria’ tool.
  • Intelligent talent search with context to sift through candidates and identify the skills, experience and more that you need.

What is Candidate Screening?

Hiring new employees is an expensive, time-consuming process, but ensuring that every individual that you bring on board will be an outstanding member of staff is all the more challenging.

Sifting through multiple CVs, hosting interviews with applicants and making difficult decisions was once considered simply part of the recruitment process that in-house recruitment teams had to spend time and money on.

But Hireserve’s candidate screening tools can help to both streamline and maximise the effectiveness of your hiring process, helping you to ensure that you onboard only the very best applicants. As time-efficient as it is cost-effective, candidate screening displays all of your information relating to your applicants in a single, simple view, greatly reducing the hassle that comes from hiring a new recruit from a large amount of candidates.

Hireserve’s applicant tracking system (ATS) includes automated screening tools that help you to find the candidate you need for your organisation.

Killer Questions

If an employer receives a large applicant pool for certain roles, the ‘Killer Question’ tool can be hugely useful, reducing the time taken up by screening and cutting the time per hire.  You can set a mandatory question, such as ‘Do you have the right to work in the UK?’, at the very beginning of your application form to evaluate suitability. Unless applicants answer ‘Yes’, they cannot progress to the next stage.

This tool significantly reduces the amount of time you spend screening a candidate, as well as the unsuitable applications that you need to review. Not only does it benefit those on the side of the employer, applicants save time and effort by not applying for a role where they don’t meet minimum basic criteria.

‘Killer Questions’ can be set in the ATS for any number of essential questions at the start of an application to help you manage screening for roles for which you receive a high volume of applicants. That way, each candidate who makes it to the interview stage will align with your organisation’s specific requirements.

Sometimes, a CV alone doesn’t provide you with the right information to make an informed hiring decision. For instance, if you need vital information such as a candidate’s willingness to relocate for a job, sifting through a CV is a waste of time. By using Hireserve ATS applicant tracking system, you can create customised and accurate applicant screenings and recruit the right candidate with no hassle.

Job Specific Questions

Certain roles may require very specific skills or experience, and in-house recruitment teams can have a hard time if they do not have access to this information as early as possible in the screening process.

Hireserve’s applicant tracking software cuts to the chase with questions that are highly-specific to a particular role or function, ensuring your exact requirements are fulfilled way before the interview stage.

As a recruiter, you can use the Hireserve ATS Job Specific Questions tool to configure application questions unique to certain roles. You can also score and weight responses to Job Specific Questions to further enhance your screening process.

Screening software is a great way to avoid human error and remove bias when hiring a new employee, making decisions based on what matters most to the organisation. By using Job Specific Questions, a recruiter’s access to the most skilled applicants for the role is effectively fast-tracked.

Assessment Criteria

Using a simple ‘star rating’ style feature, you can streamline the applicant screening process using Hireserve ATS by setting a range of criteria for individual roles.

The star rating is an instantly visual and engaging way of reviewing and screening candidates. If multiple stakeholders are involved in the screening process, the stars will display an average rating of the combined assessments.

Get rid of spreadsheets and paperwork with our applicant tracking system, saving you time, money and hassle. Finding the right candidate is crucial for the growth and success of your organisation. Why do it the old-fashioned way when you can use fast, automated applicant screening software?

Improve the recruitment process and hire the right candidate by using Hireserve ATS. Request a demo to see candidate screening tools and the wider Hireserve applicant tracking system in action.