Online interviewing

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Hireserve ATS ensures you're equipped with all the tools you need for a smooth and secure online interviewing experience - for you and your candidates.
Online interview link

There’s now no need to set up an individual Teams or Zoom meeting each time you run a remote interview.

Instead, Hireserve ATS enables you to add your own unique online interview link to the system, which can then be used time and time again for your interviews.

Your online interview link is added to and sent directly to candidates within confirmation emails and ICS files (calendar invites).

It’s a secure and efficient solution to save you time with online interviewing administration.

Self-select interview scheduling

The Hireserve ATS ‘Self-select Interview’ tool enables candidates to select their own online interview slots via their candidate portal.

This feature removes the need to arrange interviews with candidates over email or the phone, and significantly reduces associated administration. If a candidate has to reschedule, they can simply release their chosen slot and choose another available one, again all via their candidate portal.

This self-service empowers candidates in the hiring process. Crucially, the reduction in administration also frees up your team’s time to focus on higher value work as opposed to chasing candidates, leaving voicemails, juggling interview panel diaries and more.

Direct Hiring Manager access

The Hireserve Hiring Manager Portal is designed to make all aspects of the recruitment process as simple and intuitive as possible for your Hiring Managers. Online interviewing is no exception.

In Hireserve ATS, Managers can join online interviews directly from their interview schedule in the Hiring Manager Portal. Another quick, easy and secure way to reduce your team’s time and recruitment administration.

Online interview reporting

Whether you’ve made the switch to a completely online interviewing process, or are running both remote and face-to-face, it’s important to understand the success of your interviews.

The Hireserve ATS reporting suite enables you to measure the attendance and success rates of online versus in-person interviews.