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Enhance your candidate screening and talent pooling with the Hireserve ATS smart talent search.
At a glance:

  • Easily search your candidate database for keywords.
  • Search from specific skills to a certain industry, and assign different weights and importance to each one.
  • View which candidates match your weighted search terms most effectively.
  • ‘Search with context’ ensures Talent Search returns as relevant results as possible.
  • View results not only from candidates’ online application forms, but from any documents they have also submitted.

Smart talent search

The search for new talent is a complex process. Finding potential hires requires recruiters to search online and offline, pre-screening candidates, letting them know about job postings and creating relationships for the future. To continue to grow and strengthen a company, you need excellent candidate profiles, but finding them can be hard. With Hireserve’s smart search, you can source candidates for a job with ease from your ATS database, and reduce the lengthy profile search.

How does smart talent search work?

Hireserve provides an innovative ‘Talent Search’ tool so you can quickly and easily search your candidate database for keywords and important information, including past job experience to find the best candidate profiles and create your team. This both saves you time and increases the accuracy of the search, delivering key information.

You can search for a number of terms, from specific skills to a certain industry, and assign different weights and importance to each one. This means when Hireserve returns your search results, you’ll be able to see which candidates match your weighted search terms most effectively, and judge the best candidate profiles. The process is designed to be flexible, so that you can shape it exactly to fit the demands of your company.

Talent search also takes into account context when searching for your keywords, ensuring it returns as relevant information as possible. Any candidate matching the search criteria will be returned so that you can avoid the difficulty of manually sifting through applications which may not even be a good match.

Hireserve’s intelligent search will provide results not only from candidates’ online application forms and work experience, but from any documents they have also submitted to ensure no stone goes unturned when finding the ideal candidate profile. This means that the database will enable you to reach out to the very latest talent available in your industry and location and start to build a new team.

What are the benefits of Smart Talent Search?

Cut your time-to-hire

Our streamlined technology is designed to reduce the time-to-hire, putting you in touch with the best candidate profiles ahead of time to ensure you have access to a good team. With Hireserve, you can create a pool of candidate profiles, as well as researching and engaging with qualified candidates. Keeping in touch with applicants who are searching for a job and may work for your company in the future maintains a positive candidate experience.

Optimise your talent pools with search features

When you have to fill a vacancy, it will be easy to find a good candidate without the long search through profiles. Using existing candidate databases to search for potential hires enables recruiters to contact the candidate directly. Having this direct communication in place simplifies the next stages of the recruitment process like verifying professional information and previous experience. Candidates are far more likely to want to work for your company if you have already established a connection and they are familiar with your team values, and your hiring manager’s ability to negotiate in job offers is improved.

Find the right candidate for tough roles

With Hireserve ATS, you can recruit candidates for hard-to-fill careers, building a strong team while cutting out the time-consuming profile search. If you’re hiring for various careers, you know that some positions attract more candidates than others. When you’re facing a shortage in job applications, you can actively find candidates and target audiences with your desired skill set, by engaging with your ideal candidate profiles.


Find the perfect candidate profile, fast.

Optimise your candidate search and talent pooling with Hireserve and streamline your team’s shortlisting, candidate screening and communication processes. Put your existing candidate databases to use and cut the amount of time it takes to search for potential hires.

Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself how Hireserve smart candidate search can change your recruiting processes by booking a demo with one of our team.