Hiring Manager Portal

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The new Hiring Manager Portal enables your Hiring Managers to use a system designed with them in mind.
Empower your Hiring Managers

The portal has been made with the aim of creating an interface that is simple to use for either a frequent or occasional user – easy to use but still incorporating the wide range of functionality Hireserve ATS provides.

Optimised system for Hiring Managers

For many recruitment professionals in large organisations, engaging Hiring Managers can be a challenge. This feature has everything they need at their fingertips and is designed especially for occasional users and those on the move – no need to retrain every time your HM wants to submit a new vacancy, and they can do it all from their phone/tablet.

A simplified interface with clear navigation

Allows those ‘infrequent users’ to jump back in to their recruitment platform without needing to refamiliarize themselves.

Optimised for mobile and tablet

Not every Hiring Manager will be office based all of the time. The platform is configured for use on mobile and tablet, and both Android and Apple.

Create and edit a vacancy within the platform

If you choose this configuration, Hiring Managers can create new jobs from scratch or an existing template. These jobs can all be edited from within the platform. The homepage shows a clear overview of each vacancy the Hiring Manager has access to – all in one place.

Improved shortlisting functionality

The platform gives complete control over the anonymisation of candidate information until an interview has been arranged. Once this has been done, the candidate information will be accessible to Hiring Managers including from mobile and tablet devices. Best of all, Hiring Managers can use the devices in-built camera to capture important documents such as their evidence of right to work. This enables field based interviews, as access to a scanner is usually a must.

Dedicated interview summary section

Check which interviews are upcoming and who will be in attendance, along with a full suite of related candidate documents, a calendar entry ready to download and multi-candidate assessment centres also supported. In-built capability to receive a notification once the candidate confirms. Hiring Managers can also be assigned full interview scheduling responsibilities from the platform, and candidates can select pre-existing slots from the candidate portal.

At-a-glance key metrics for Hiring Managers

The most relevant information is now at their fingertips, depending on the data the recruitment team has provided them access to.

Enhanced approvals and notification centre

Keeps your Hiring Managers updated on their recruitment actions. They can go on to play their role in the workflow from within the Hiring Manager Portal, giving interview feedback, changing existing jobs and approving vacancies, on the move and from their handheld/tablet device.

We’d love to show you how this brand new feature works. For a system demonstration, get in touch and we’ll show you exactly how engaging your Hiring Managers can be made easy.