Social integrations

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Widen your pool of potential candidates with social media.
Facebook careers plug-in

Harness the power of Facebook to reach a wider pool of candidates.

With the Hireserve ATS Facebook plug-in, you can add a careers section to your Facebook business page. This means your fans can simply and easily apply for a role with you via your Facebook page.

It’s a great way to connect with potential candidates who may not have found your careers site but who engage with your organisation on social media, and provides a streamlined and integrated process for applicants.

Fans of your Facebook page can also share your vacancies with their personal networks at the touch of a button – again, increasing your reach and brand awareness.

Automatic job tweets

If you have a company or careers Twitter account, make use of automatic job tweets.

Every time a new vacancy goes live, Hireserve ATS can generate an automatic job tweet so your vacancies are posted out on Twitter instantly.

Again, this can generate fantastic exposure and reach for your vacancies, particularly if your followers then retweet or like.

Social job posting

If you use a number of social media channels, why not post to all simultaneously to really increase your brand awareness and vacancy reach?

Hireserve ATS allows you to connect with your personal or professional networking platforms and post vacancies out to all instantly. Simply select the channels you want to post to, and your job will be shared.

The power of social media at the touch of a button.