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The Hireserve ATS 'Self-select Interview' tool makes dreaded interview administration a thing of the past! Interview scheduling can be a significant drain on your team's time and resources, but Hireserve ATS can help...
At a glance:

  • Enable all interview panel members to upload their availability within Hireserve ATS
  • Add your range of times and dates for interviews
  • Alternatively, set a block of time (say 09:30am – 4:30pm), confirm the duration of each interview slot and the time you’d like between each one. The system will populate the day with the correct number of sessions.
  • Enable candidates to select their interview slots using their candidate portal
  • Candidates can release or change slots if they can no longer make a date or time
  • Run an Interview Schedule report to view your list of interviews for the day/week

Self-select interview scheduling

Hiring the right candidate for a position is a stressful, high-stakes process, for applicants, interviewers and employers. Many great candidates fall at the first hurdle when trying to schedule interviews.

The Hireserve ATS ‘Self-select Interview’ tool enables candidates to select their own interview slots via their online candidate portal. Slash administrative time per application by automating your interview schedule and Focus on hiring the right person for your organisation, not juggling conflicting diaries.

The Hireserve interview schedule tool removes the need to arrange interviews with candidates over email or the phone, significantly reducing associated administration.

Crucially, this reduction in administration frees up your HR and recruitment team’s time to focus on higher value work, opposed to chasing candidates, leaving voicemails, juggling interview panel diaries and more. Interviewers will thank you for creating a manageable interview schedule, not cramming appointments in where necessary.

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How it works

Create a time frame on the interview date and the candidate do the rest, scheduling a slot which works around their individual commitments. With automated syncing, the interview scheduling software enables multiple users to allocate their time slots around each other, eliminating double-booking and human error. If a candidate has to reschedule, they can simply release their chosen slot and choose another available one, all via their online candidate portal.

Self-service scheduling empowers candidates in the hiring process. Interviewees can select an appointment that works for them, eliminating a lot of the anxiety surrounding juggling existing commitments. This enables applicants to feel more confident going into the process, improving candidate experience. Whether online or in person, schedule interviews with confidence using the Hireserve Interview Schedule tool.

With remote working now the norm for so many of us, Hireserve ATS enables you to schedule remote interviews via an online interview link integration. Simply select if your meeting is face to face or remote to trigger an invite with your unique online interview URL attached automatically.

Streamline your interviewing and recruitment process by automating interview schedules, providing candidates with all of the tools to create their interview appointment at a time that works for them. Utilise intuitive self-service and save interviewers time and resources in the hiring process.

'We saved over £20,000/annum due to reduced interview administration'

StepChange Debt Charity is a national charity with 1,800+ employees and has been using Hireserve ATS for several years. In a recent case study, we learnt how they used the Hireserve interview schedule tool and to streamline their interview process.

The most significant success can be seen in the charity’s interview processes. Previously Carol and her colleague had to phone each candidate in order to schedule interview slots.

“I can pinpoint one particular day where I received and made 137 calls!” – Carol remembers.

Using the Hireserve applicant tracking system ‘Interview Scheduler’, StepChange Debt Charity has significantly reduced interview administration by implementing scheduling software. Carol continued:

“We use the ‘Self-select Interview’ tool, which allows candidates to pick their own interview slots through their candidate portal. Encouraging candidates to pick a time that suits them has helped with no-show rates, and has also really decreased our administration, as we no longer have to go back and forth with candidates over email and the phone.”

Carol estimates that using Interview Scheduler has saved the charity 30 minutes per application, translating as approximately £20,000/annum in cost savings.

Read the full StepChange case study here!

Interview scheduling software has the capability to streamline and maximise interviewer and candidate schedules. Place people at the heart of your hiring process and enable candidates to schedule an interview slot that work around their schedule. Demonstrate your employee experience from the hiring process and increase your chances of securing the perfect candidate for your company.

On the interview day, try keeping interviewees up to date with Hireserve’s integrated SMS updates to provide information on the location of the interview or any other important information that they may need.

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