Interview scheduling

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Interview administration can be a significant drain on your team's time and resources. Not with the Hireserve ATS 'Self-select Interview' tool...
Self-select interview scheduling

The Hireserve ATS ‘Self-select Interview’ tool enables candidates to select their own interview slots via their online candidate portal.

This feature removes the need to arrange interviews with candidates over email or the phone, and significantly reduces associated administration. If a candidate has to reschedule, they can simply release their chosen slot and choose another available one, again all via their candidate portal.

This self-service empowers candidates in the hiring process. Crucially, the reduction in administration also frees up your team’s time to focus on higher value work as opposed to chasing candidates, leaving voicemails, juggling interview panel diaries and more.

With remote working now the norm for so many of us, Hireserve ATS enables you to schedule remote interviews via an online interview link integration. Simply select if your meeting is face to face or remote to trigger an invite with your unique online interview URL attached automatically.

'We saved over £20,000/annum due to reduced interview administration'

StepChange Debt Charity is a national charity with 1,800+ employees and has been using Hireserve ATS for several years. In a recent case study, we learnt how they used the Hireserve interview scheduler tool and saw significant success…

Perhaps the most significant success can be seen in the charity’s interview processes. Previously Carol and her colleague had to phone each candidate in order to arrange interview slots.

“I can pinpoint one particular day where I received and made 137 calls!” Carol remembers.

Using the Hireserve ATS ‘Interview Scheduler’ feature, StepChange Debt Charity has been able to significantly reduce interview administration. Carol continued:

“We use the ‘Self-select Interview’ tool, which allows candidates to pick their own interview slots through their candidate portal. Encouraging candidates to pick a time that suits them has helped with no-show rates, and has also really decreased our administration, as we no longer have to go back and forth with candidates over email and the phone.”

Carol estimates that using Interview Scheduler has saved the charity 30 minutes/application, translating as approx. £20,000/annum in cost savings.

Read the full StepChange case study here!