Secured Signing

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The Hireserve ATS Secured Signing integration allows you to send contract offers securely and digitally. Don’t let paperwork cause bottlenecks and delays for candidates at the offer stage. Onboarding new hires and ensuring all documentation is signed and secure is now simple with Hireserve…
At a glance:

• Easily send contracts and other documentation via email to be signed digitally
• Easily track the status of documents you’ve sent out to candidates from the Secured Signing portal
• Get notifications when candidates open or sign documents
• Automate reminders to be sent to candidates while you are waiting on their signatures

What is Secured Signing?

Secured Signing uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) – a cryptographic system that uses two keys to ensure a secure environment. The public key is known to everyone, and the private key provides full control to the key owner.

A unique element to the public key system is that the public and private keys are related in such a way that only the public key can be used to encrypt messages and only the corresponding private key can be used to decrypt them. Moreover, it is virtually impossible to deduce the private key if you know the public key.

To send a message to a candidate with a document that requires a signature, you use the candidates public signature to encrypt the message; the candidate then uses their private key to decrypt the message.
The Secured Signing integration provides both keys in this interaction.

How it works

When a candidate is progressed to “Offer” stage, a user that has been registered to use the integration will be able to send the document out through the Secured Signing platform for signature. Once the document has been signed, this will automatically appear in the candidate document area and a new Candidate History record created.

The portal has many features and settings, including:
• Adding your own branding
• Defining the wording on the emails that are sent to the candidates when requesting signing