Integration with technology

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The ATS should lie at the heart of your recruitment ecosystem. Hireserve ATS integrates with a range of platforms to strengthen your talent management suite.
HR Systems

Hireserve ATS integrates with HR technology platforms for a streamlined onboarding process and candidate/employee data transfer.

Video interviewing

Video interviewing can be a very effective way of managing your candidate screening process, and has shown to enhance employer brand perceptions among candidates.

Hireserve ATS integrates with a number of video interviewing providers so you can request and schedule video interviews simply and easily from the Hireserve ATS interface.

Psychometric testing

To further strengthen your candidate screening, you may wish to embed psychometric testing into your application process.

Hireserve ATS integrates with a number of testing providers so both you and your candidates can benefit from a simple and streamlined process.