Spotlite Employment Checks

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Every single person in the UK now needs to provide evidence that they have the right to work in the country, among other important employment checks that must be carried out for new starters. These checks are often manual and can be a lengthy, arduous process that usually can’t be completed until a new hire’s first day. This typically ads time to the hiring process and risks creating a poor candidate experience.

Luckily, with the integrated Spotlite app, Hireserve can help…
At a glance:

  • Instantly communicate with candidates what checks are required from the ATS
  • Candidates can use mobile devices to provide the necessary information
  • Spotlite automatically checks everything is in order
  • Once the candidate completes the process, everything is immediately in the ATS
  • The ATS automatically recognizes if the checks were good (Green), need some manual intervention (Amber) or failed (Red) and creates the history record with the details.
  • All the documents are stored under the candidate record.

What is Spotlite?

Spotlite is a tool created by our partners CDD Services.

It simplifies the process of background checks during the onboarding stage, streamlining communication and candidate experience. With Spotlite, ensure compliance and that your new hires are ready and able to start their new roles.

With the click of a few buttons, you can request a right-to-work check, a DBS check, or a combination of both. Save time and simplify a candidate’s journey with one simple tool that easily integrates into Hireserve ATS and populates the candidate record with all the information you need.

Hireserve is the only ATS that integrates with the Spotlite tool and is the only system that can guarantee a smooth and compliant process for employment checks.

How it works

Spotlite works with Apple and Android devices.

You can choose which checks you wish to carry out and then immediately, automatically communicate with candidates to input the information required.

Spotlite automatically handles the required checks and then populates the candidate record with the right documentation, flagging for you if there is any issue with the employment checks. Once the candidate completes the process, you’ll be able to see all that information in Hireserve ATS.

It provides a simple, seamless solution that reduces massive amounts of manual effort and time, making the onboarding process that much simpler for you and your new hires.

See Spotlite in Action

Hireserve ATS ensures you’re equipped with all the automated tools you need for recruitment.

If you want to discover how the Hireserve ATS can simplify every stage of your recruitment, book a demo to watch the platform in action.