Talent pool management

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Build talent pools to engage your passive candidates and grow your organisation with Hireserve ATS
At a glance:

  • Use ‘skills tags’ to identify candidates with valuable experience or sought-after skills.
  • Build talent pools based on skills, location, role type, and more.
  • Set a data retention period and use the automated removal process to ensure you comply with
    Data Protection Act (DPA) laws around storage limitation.

What is Talent Pool Management?

A talent pool is a database of candidates who have the necessary skills, experience and desire to work for your business. Creating and managing a talent pool is imperative for recruiters today, and makes the hiring process far easier and more efficient.

Building a relationship with applicants is important; even if they don’t fit a particular role, you can never know when your business might require their specific talent. Keeping in touch with a wide variety of candidates is key to successfully creating a talent pool for your business, as it will attract interest to your organisation and improve the recruitment process.

How can Hireserve ATS help you to manage your talent pool?

With Hireserve ATS software, you can easily and effectively keep track of a wide pool of candidates and increase both the quantity and quality of applicants, making sure you recruit the very best.

With our key features we can help you to cut both the cost per hire and the time to hire, making recruitment easier for everyone. Finding qualified individuals can be difficult for many companies, so building a strong database is crucial to avoiding the problems that come with the process of expanding your company.

We can help you to identify the talent you might be missing, so that you can focus on bringing it to your database.

We automate and simplify recruitment, so that you can hire talent immediately while building talent pools for the future. 

As well as making hiring easier for employers, we facilitate recruitment for applicants and employees, ensuring they stay connected to their employer brand and receive up-to-date information about the business they want to work for, including relevant job opportunities.

Build bespoke talent pools

You can create talent pools based on criteria such as skills, experience, location and more. This way when you have a vacancy or if you are looking to recruit new employees, you will have a database of candidates who are suited to your organisation’s needs. 

With talent pool software, you can build different pools for various roles or areas of your business to help you source talent more efficiently and cost-effectively, and make recruitment better. The software also works to encourage speculative applications and engage passive candidates who might have an interest in your business. 

Talent pool management software can also help your organisation to engage with the workforce of the future: students and recent graduates. You can source candidates who have an interest in working for your company but don’t yet have the necessary experience, and track their progress. 

Finding the right hire is difficult, so it is crucial to stay in touch with talent who might benefit your business in the future.

Updating your candidates' information

Using their candidate portal, candidates can update their profile information. This could include personal details, qualifications, skills and experience.

It keeps candidates feeling empowered and in control of their data, whilst ensuring you have accurate and up to date information in your talent pools. You can automatically get in touch with candidates to ensure that their information is up to date.

Our talent pool software is designed to improve the hiring process for recruiters and applicants alike. Our automated process ensures candidates can access necessary information about your company, including vacancies. By maintaining and building a wide talent pool, you can make hiring simpler and recruit the best applicants for each position. 

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