We’re delighted to be interviewing Mark Lennox, Founder of the In-house Recruitment Network. 

Mark Lennox photoWith almost 10,000 members and hosting a number of events throughout the year, the In-house Recruitment Network is a thriving hub of advice, inspiration, knowledge and more.

Q. Hi Mark. First up – can you describe the In-house Recruitment Network in a sentence?

I’m always asked this so should know by now! The In-house Recruitment Network is the fastest growing community of in-house talent and HR professionals. Members benefit from helpful online forums, specialist events, awards, personal development and high value content. Almost one sentence 🙂


Q. How did you first step into recruitment?

Aged 18 in 1994, a friend of mine told me of the ‘riches’ of getting into recruitment. He set me up an interview at a Bromley-based recruitment agency where I cut my teeth in one of the toughest recruitment environments I’ve ever known. Now 40, I look back fondly at my 22 years of agency, in-house, job board and community building experience all within the recruitment industry. 


Q. What has been the best piece of recruitment advice you have heard during your career?

Can I say two? 

  1. Create the activity and the placements will look after themselves.
  2. Those candidates will one day be your clients. Look after them. 

They are a little cheesy but they really make a lot of sense and I’ve lived by them.


Q. Tell us a bit about the In-house Recruitment Network awards…

Now in their 5th year, I’m thrilled to say the In-house Recruitment Awards are the largest and most prolific celebration of in-house recruitment achievement in the industry. Last year’s prestigious event welcomed over 700+ industry professionals for a stunning black-tie dinner which bore witness to the best of the best in talent. It’s little surprise Simon Cowell made an appearance!


Q. Are there any in-house recruitment campaigns that really stick in your mind from previous awards?

There are many, and I’m not just saying that, honestly. I think it has to be the Digital Marketing Agency Essence, when they won ‘Best SME In-house Recruitment Team’ for the 3rd year in a row. It really is a quite extraordinary feat as it’s almost impossible to get that much better year on year. Their final campaign included the opening of an Asian office to which the recruitment team stepped up and filled every requirement in record time – whilst over-achieving in the day job too. Brilliant.


Q. What are you most excited about in the recruitment space over the next 12 months – is it use of technology, social media, online testing, changing processes…?

For me it has to be the technology and how the in-house teams are embracing and empowering themselves. It’s all leading to a utopia of candidate experience which I’m absolutely delighted about. Very soon, it will be an absolute pleasure to be on the job hunt – yes I really did say that.


Q. Give us one word (maybe two!). In-house recruitment is a fantastic industry to be in because

It’s…rocketing! I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to describe the lift off to such great things. It’s unbelievably exciting to see it all explode in such a positive way.


Q. And last but not least. All the Hireserve team have a favourite biscuit. What would your choice be?

Saving the best question until last. I like it. It has to be…a Jammy Dodger. Two biscuits with jam – what’s not to like!

Well, when you put it like that, it’s the obvious choice! Thank you for talking to us Mark.

We’re proud to be exhibiting at the In-house Recruitment LIVE! expo in London this year. To find out more about the day, or register for free tickets, visit the In-house Recruitment LIVE! website.

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