So what can an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) do? It can reduce your manual processes by automating essential tasks, such as posting jobs and screening candidates. It can significantly decrease your recruitment spend with savvy reporting and by reducing your reliance on agencies.

An ATS can strengthen your talent attraction strategy, improve your candidate communications, and enhance your employer branding.

They say no man is an island. The same could be said of an Applicant Tracking System.  A robust ATS should be built with the capability to integrate with a range of other platforms, from screening tools to multiple job-boards.

These Applicant Tracking System integrations can help to further transform your recruitment process into something more innovative, more creative and more effective.

Applicant Tracking System Integrations: Spotlight on Video Interviewing

Video interviewing is fast becoming an additional screening tool for in-house recruiters, and feedback from a Sonru survey suggests that candidates are also responding positively to the format. Their Candidate Experience white paper reported that 72% of candidates recorded ‘very positive’ or ‘positive’ feelings towards employers offering video interviewing.

Video interviewing can save in-house recruiters great time when initially screening candidates, and means they can be more confident that the applicants invited to final interview really are the strongest candidates for the role.

Video interviewing can also enhance a candidate’s experience. Seeing employers use emerging technologies, like video interviewing platforms, can promote an employer in a progressive and innovative light.

A seamless ATS integration should mean that the recruiter does not have to switch between two platforms. You can create interviews, upload documents and view interviews all from within your ATS. Secure and easily accessible data, a time and cost-saving process, and an innovative screening tool which enhances your employer brand. What’s not to love?

Applicant Tracking System Integrations: Spotlight on Psychometric Testing

Psychometric tests can be another useful screening tool. Used to reduce the risk of a bad hire, psychometric testing can help ascertain whether a candidate is the right cultural fit for an organisation, or whether they have a desired level of skill or experience.

Increasingly, psychometric testing providers seem to be developing new and creative ways of using this technology. At the 2015 Hireserve User Group, cut-e spoke about the rise in using psychometric testing as a means of candidate engagement.

David Barrett, COO of cut-e Group, used examples where employers used tests not for screening purposes, but to provide initial self-assessment for the candidate, such as easyJet’s ‘Try before you Fly’ initiative, where candidates can answer questions about cabin crew roles. Upon receiving the results, candidates can then measure whether they feel the role is a good fit for them.

In his presentation, David shared that this initiative had generated a 38% improvement in interview to hire ratio for easyJet.

Hireserve customers! You can download David’s full presentation – and all of the presentations from the Hireserve User Group – here. Remember you’ll need your password to access the page.

Once again, integrating a psychometric testing platform with your ATS means that you can have all your data and test results in one system.

Applicant Tracking System integrations: What happens after the hire?

Video interviewing and psychometric testing can be used to aid both candidate engagement and to streamline the screening process. But what about after you’ve selected and appointed your new hire?

It’s essential to make sure that your ATS is capable of integrating with your HR system of choice. Integration with your HR system ensures that your data is migrated securely and swiftly from one system to another and can enhance your on-boarding process.

It removes duplication of effort if you have to manually transfer your new hire’s information into your HR system. And it eradicates the risk of human error; data is vulnerable to inaccuracies when transferred between two different platforms.

Thoughtful and creative ATS integrations with different platforms and HR systems can make a joined-up process very possible, right from ‘hire’ to ‘retire’!

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