Your ATS buyer’s toolkit

Are you putting together your business case for a new Applicant Tracking System? Feeling unsure where to start? You may be wondering how best to engage your stakeholders, what information you should include, or how you can demonstrate ROI.

If so, the complete ATS buyer’s toolkit is for you. Packed with templates for you to use, interactive checklists, planners and an ROI calculator, we’ve pulled together a whole range of resources to help bolster your business case.

You’ll get:

  • An interactive ROI calculator: Simply input a few of your costs and you’ll instantly get an estimated ROI
  • A handy demo checklist: Standardise your demo feedback by using this template each time you meet a new supplier
  • A stakeholder matrix template: Input information from suppliers, tailored to 3 key stakeholders
  • An implementation process planner: Preparation takes the pain away! (As do our helpful hints)
  • And guidance notes and examples to support you along the way

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You'll get...

The complete Buyer's Toolkit has templates, tools and guides to help you build your ATS business case:

Stakeholder matrix template – ROI calculator guidance notes – Stakeholder matrix – ATS demo checklist – ROI calculator – Implementation checklist


Who is the ATS buyer’s toolkit for?

We’ve put together these resources to support any TA professionals and in-house recruitment teams who are starting – or perhaps are in the midst of! – their search for an new Applicant Tracking System.

Building a compelling business case is essential, as is being able to demonstrate what kind of ROI a new system can provide. Not to mention you may need to engage multiple stakeholders during your selection process, and each will want to know about different elements of a proposed new ATS solution.

So, that’s why we’ve gathered together these tools, all in one place, to equip you with the templates, information and guidance you need to forge ahead with your Applicant Tracking System business case.

We hope you find them valuable!


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