1. Dangerous disruption

It’s often one of people’s biggest fears: that they’ll experience excessive disruption or service downtime during their ATS implementation.

The beauty of cloud-based recruitment software is that it doesn’t require an on-premise installation. This means that there should be limited physical disturbance to your or your team.

A reputable supplier should also carefully manage your ATS implementation around your existing priorities. We always say the most important thing is to have a plan.

Your supplier should set expectations and put dates in place so you know when your time is going to be needed. This could include time for a kick-off session, training or UAT (User Acceptance Testing), but it shouldn’t be overly onerous for you or your team.


  1. A configuration you can’t escape from

Ah the shackles of a poorly implemented system! An Applicant Tracking System needs to be agile and intuitive – and your recruitment software supplier needs to be too!

Before your recruitment system implementation, your supplier should prepare a plan for you, tailored to your specific needs. This should mean that you’re pretty happy with the scope of your system at the point when implementation begins.

But if you realise that you need a feature or tool slightly altered, your implementation consultant should be able to approach your request with an open mind and adjust the configuration of your recruitment system.

Effective software should be capable of great flexibility.


  1. Buy-in across the whole organisation? Boo!

No supplier can weave a magic spell over hiring managers who harbour reservations about an ATS. They should, however, support you to develop a process to bring these colleagues round.

One of our favoured solutions is to roll out the new system in phases. Begin with a pilot group of managers who can provide feedback and produce their own success metrics, user guides and case studies to ‘win over’ other recruiters within the business.

The system can be rolled out stage by stage until eventually everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

Ask your supplier if they accommodate a phased roll-out. Make sure they are confident in putting together a schedule and can ensure consistent and quality training across your organisation.

4. Silent suppliers

The stuff of horror movies: The suppliers who are always available during the sales stage and then float away, like silent Dementors (seriously spooky) once the contract is signed and you really need them.

Well, it shouldn’t be like that. A credible supplier should be on hand for training and support throughout your implementation.

Your supplier should be experienced and expert in ATS implementation. They should be able to offer advice and guidance to help you get the best out of your system. Listen to their suggestions and recommendations.

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