Advances within recruitment continue at a pace and savvy candidates are now looking towards video casts as an option to put their application to the top of the recruiter’s pile.  

YouTube is seeing an increasing number of uploaded virtual CV’s from people seeking work by selling themselves through this medium rather than relying solely on the traditional CV for getting them noticed.

Jeremy Ovenden, MD, said “This is something we at Hireserve have built into our web based recruitment software and is an exciting and innovative development for job-seekers.  It makes complete sense to embrace social media and YouTube when seeking opportunities and to reach out to potential employers in such a creative manner.   I am sure it will be common practice in the future and the technology is now available for organisations to incorporate it into their online application process.”

Organisations already using online recruitment software can easily incorporate an upload video or YouTube link option for job-seekers applying for their vacancies via their website. It is quick and easy and enables candidates to apply for jobs using the latest tools at their disposal and in a creative and imaginative way.   Of course, this approach may not appeal to all organisations but for many having the option to offer this new way of job-seeking is an exciting opportunity to explore and one we believe will benefit both organisations seeking talented employees as well as job seekers improving their chances of getting noticed.

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