Earlier this week, we opened our office up to local school students.

A group of Year 11 pupils spent the morning at Hireserve HQ, speaking to our team members and learning more about a career in technology.

We think connecting young people to businesses is an essential part of preparing them for the world of work. With careers advice services stretched and many schools now unable to provide or fund the traditional 2 weeks of work experience, it’s important for employers to start thinking of ways to connect with schools in their community.

Why is it so essential that young people engage with businesses?

  1. It provides a balanced approach to post-school options

In the recent Milkround School Leaver Career Confidence Report 2016, 82% of students said that University was the option they heard most about in school or college careers advice.

During our school visits, we hold speed networking sessions with members of the Hireserve team. With apprentices, graduates and people who didn’t go into further education, the students who visit us get to hear from a diverse range of people.

It’s vital that young people get a varied, balanced and well-rounded view of their choices after school and college.


  1. It opens their eyes to different job roles

In fast-paced industries such as tech and marketing, there are new job roles and opportunities evolving every day.

Meeting and talking to the people who work in these fields can inspire students to explore careers they didn’t know existed.


  1. It helps connect students to potential work experience and career opportunities

During our school visits, we tell students that it’s never too early for them to begin building their professional networks.

We encourage them to connect with us on LinkedIn. Some enquire about work experience opportunities. And others ask whether we’re looking to hire any new apprentices.

Spending even a few hours in a work environment offers young people in your community the chance to make connections and pursue opportunities they may not get in the classroom.


  1. It can be great for your team too

Initiatives like our speed networking sessions can help to enhance your team’s communication skills, whilst offering junior team members the opportunity to mentor a young person can build their confidence. The feedback from our team after these events has always been really positive.

In a wider business sense, connecting with local schools and colleges can help you to develop your own talent pipeline, and strengthen your profile in your local community.

 How can your business get involved?

Start a conversation with your local educational establishments or career advice centre. Alternatively, seek out an educational charity; we work with The Consortium on a range of employability initiatives.

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