As the year draws to a close, the air is filled with excitement, warmth, and an enthusiastic spirit. Amidst the festivities, businesses can harness this magical atmosphere to amplify their recruitment marketing strategies and showcase their brand in a way that captivates audiences. It’s not just about spreading cheer but also about leveraging the increased social media traction, the open hearts in your email list, and the willingness of businesses to explore new opportunities before the year comes to an end. We’ve curated a game-changing list to make it a breeze for you. 

So, let’s unwrap the secrets to boosting your employer brand during the merriest time of the year, ensuring your brand not only resonates but also stands out amidst the festive noise. 

  1. Sparkle with Festive Social Content 

‘Tis the season to make your brand shine on social media! Did you know that traffic spikes by a whopping 73% during the festive period? Here’s how to stand out: 

  • Infuse a touch of festive flair into your brand logo and email signatures. 
  • Spread cheer with e-cards sent to your loyal clients and prospective candidates, sharing warm wishes. 
  • Give a glimpse into your team’s merry celebrations through engaging snapshots. 


      2. Masterful Email Marketing 

Unlock the power of automation tools to maintain a consistent email marketing presence during the holidays. Craft content that resonates: 

  • Deliver newsletters, job alerts, insightful tips, or highlight reels from 2023. 
  • Segment your emails to target specific client groups effectively. 
  • Encourage sharing by providing valuable content and a strong call to action. 
  • Craft compelling subject lines that capture the festive spirit and attention. 


     3. Unwrap the Joy of Christmas Offers 

Everyone loves a good Christmas offer! Launch a spirited campaign, offering something valuable to potential job candidates. This could be exclusive access or preview to something your company has in the works or why not offer them an exclusive discount on your product.  

Embrace the holiday spirit through direct mail, festive email cards, social media buzz, or revamping your website with a Christmas-themed landing page showcasing your exclusive offer or other type of valuable content.  


     4. Share a Heartfelt Thanks  

Spread the joy of the season by sharing heartfelt gratitude with your employees, clients, and partners through personalised messages, delightful e-cards, or thoughtful gifts. Embracing the spirit of giving not only cultivates goodwill but also fortifies the relationships essential to your brand’s merry success. 


     5. Embracing Holiday Stories with Employee Advocacy 

Invite your merry band of employees to spread the festive cheer by sharing their delightful holiday experiences and heartwarming stories about working at your company. Genuine testimonials from your team during this jolly season can wonderfully enhance your employer brand’s authenticity and magical appeal. 


     6. Unwrap Heartwarming Tales Through Festive Storytelling 

Craft heartwarming narratives about your company’s values, traditions, and charitable initiatives during the holiday season. These stories resonate deeply with audiences seeking meaningful connections with brands. 

As the curtains draw on this festive guide to amplifying your employer brand during Christmas, remember that the magic of this season lies not only in the twinkling lights or the scent of pine but also in the opportunities it presents. It’s a time to connect, celebrate, and, most importantly, to engage with your audience in ways that resonate deeply. 

So go ahead, spread the joy, amplify your brand, and let this festive season mark the beginning of a remarkable journey for your employer brand—one that sparkles brighter and resonates deeper with your audience. Merry branding, and here’s to a joyful and prosperous new year ahead! 


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Alisha Cadogan