We are delighted to be working in partnership with Embridge Consulting, an independent consultancy specialising in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and projects.

“Collaborating with Hireserve over the years, it is clear that we both share similar values and an approach to customer relationships centred on exceptional customer care and service. I am thrilled to strengthen our technology offering to clients with Hireserve ATS, which is a highly reputable and powerful Applicant Tracking System.”

-Emma O’Brien, CEO at Embridge Consulting

With a proven track record of excellence in project management, Embridge Consulting works in collaboration with Hireserve to further enhance customer implementation services and experience.

Working closely together from pre-sales through to Go Live, this combined approach enables both organisations to deliver a streamlined experience to clients, underpinned by exceptional service, project management and technology.

Together we have recently undertaken one of our biggest challenges in an ATS implementation for Guildford Borough Council using EVA, Embridge’s Value Accelerator. This project was a first in creating an delivering an ATS in half the standard implementation time, while retaining all the bespoke elements. Guildford Borough Council said of the project:

“It’s been a fantastic opportunity to deliver benefits so early on in the ERP Project and a great start to the recruitment work stream.  I hope you will agree, the system looks great!

Already within 24 hours of the solution going live, there has been an incredible response in terms of candidates registering and job applications.”

Karen Ovenden, Joint Managing Director at Hireserve says of the project:

‘We are delighted to have implemented our first ATS solution using EVA, Embridge Consulting’s unique value accelerator methodology, for Guildford Borough Council. It has been a pleasure to work with such an incredible team.’


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