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An Employee Volunteering Scheme delivers benefits to both businesses and voluntary organisations.

So why don’t more businesses offer opportunities for their staff to volunteer? Why can’t you secure buy-in internally? And why do voluntary organisations still not receive the time and skills they really need?

This guide has been created for businesses like you to help you approach, engage and work with voluntary partners.

You’ll learn:

  • How to secure buy-in and engagement for an Employee Volunteering Scheme
  • The barriers businesses and voluntary organisations face
  • How to address these challenges and learn from the other side’s perspective
  • How to embed and maintain a successful Employee Volunteering Scheme in your business


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    How businesses should approach employee volunteering…


    “The relationship between business and charity needs to be absolutely balanced…

    …Businesses should never see charities as suppliers of employee engagement activities – and charities should not see themselves as providers of activities.”

    – Jan Levy

    Front cover of Employee Volunteering Guide for businesses