As part of Hireserve’s 18th birthday celebrations last week, we decided to create a short video to share some of the team’s memories.

We’ve been incredibly lucky over the summer to have had two extra team members join us on paid work experience and even luckier to have one who is talented at filming and editing. Beatrice joined us for 3 months and took the lead on creating a brilliant video which highlights the hard work that has gone into making Hireserve what it is today.

Making the video was probably somewhat more difficult than she’d planned however, with the team feeling slightly camera shy and the occasional trouble maker causing havoc during filming but nonetheless we’d say it was a success.

For us it has been great having someone in-house to carry out the work as it has enabled us to strengthen our skillset. And for Beatrice, working at Hireserve is completely different to the industry she aspires to work in but she has been able to equip herself with transferable skills which can be taken into any job.

‘My passion is to work in the business side of fashion, however, I would say that this experience has taught me a lot more than I thought it could, which is crazy considering it’s not the industry I’ve been aspiring for.’ – Beatrice

As an SME, it has been a real benefit being able to offer work experience to talented young people who are not only able to learn about our business and the industry we work in, but also bring their skills to new projects we’re working on. Working at an SME is a great starting point for work experience as it is a much smaller working environment compared to large corporations which means that people often get more out of their experience, whilst SMEs gain that extra helping hand.

Not only is work experience beneficial to small businesses but we have previously posted about how video content is an essential tool for SMEs. It is predicted that by 2019, 80% of global internet consumption will be video so creating a video that reflects who we are as a company has been really important to us and a wonderful way to share our 18th birthday celebrations with everyone.

Take a look at the video, we’re really proud to share it with you.

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