Renowned for its flexible and constantly evolving product, recruitment software provider Hireserve is pleased to announce a key new integration with customer engagement solutions provider Engage Hub.

This new integration will allow users of Hireserve’s recruitment software to communicate with candidates over text message, for tasks such as confirming attendance at interviews or assessment days.

“We are always looking for ways to enhance Hireserve ATS, our recruitment software, and making life easier for both our customers and their candidates is number one on our list. This new integration with Engage Hub reduces email administration for our customers and enhances candidate experience. We’re ensuring in-house recruiters can make every step of the recruitment process easier, quicker and more connected for their candidates.”

– Jeremy Ovenden, Founder and Managing Director, Hireserve

The two-way SMS technology is fully integrated with Hireserve ATS, allowing users to send candidates a text requesting a response – for example, a text reminding them of interview details and asking candidates to confirm their attendance with a simple YES/NO reply. This response is then recorded in Hireserve ATS as an updated candidate status.

“Integrating Engage Hub’s SMS into Hireserve’s recruitment software has allowed them to automate and speed up the recruitment process for all of their clients, whilst enhancing the candidate’s journey during the interview stage. Using SMS as a way to connect in-house recruiters and candidates quickly and conveniently is an exciting new development both for the SMS solutions and e-recruitment markets and we’re delighted that Engage Hub was chosen as Hireserve’s technology partner.”

– Phil Herridge, International Business Development Manager, Engage Hub

“We’re offering a very unique new tool with this Engage Hub integration, and I am pleased to be able to provide even more functionality and engaging technology to our customers.”

– Jeremy Ovenden, Hireserve



About Hireserve:

Established in 1997, Hireserve is one of the longest-serving providers in the e-recruitment space. Trusted by organisations across the world, including CERN, Global Radio and Arriva, Hireserve ATS is agile, intuitive and powerful.

About Engage Hub:

Engage Hub is a global technology provider of multi-channel customer engagement solutions. With offices in 11 countries, operations in over 20 countries worldwide and a turnover in excess of £100 million. We have over 200 dedicated employees looking after our clients’ needs.

*This press release was edited February 2017. 

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