Are you in the hospitality sector and recruiting for a diverse range of skills, from front-of-house to management? Do you struggle to contact candidates who work long hours and aren’t at the end of their phone? Do you have to prepare for seasonal peaks in permanent and temporary staff recruitment?

Hireserve ATS is capable of meeting even your most unique and complex hospitality recruitment processes.

With over 20 years in the recruitment software space and experience working with organisations from all sectors, we have created custom solutions for many intricate processes.

When you’re recruiting in a fast-paced and competitive industry like hospitality, it’s essential that you’re working with an expert ATS partner from day one.

With Hireserve, you’ll be supported by someone who understands your industry, and who knows recruitment software inside out.


Features in Focus

SMS integration


Hireserve ATS integrates with a recruitment SMS technology platform. This means you can keep your candidates in the loop and fully engaged with automated texts sent from your Applicant Tracking System.

You can even send candidates a text requesting a response – for example, a text reminding them of interview details and asking candidates to confirm their attendance with a simple YES/NO reply. This response is then recorded in Hireserve ATS as an updated candidate status.

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Interview Scheduler


Interview administration can be a burden on internal recruiting teams. It’s a time-consuming combination of juggling candidate and hiring managers’ diaries, and scheduling interviews over phone and email. Given the large volume of applicants often applying for hospitality roles, this can be a substantial barrier to recruitment.

With an Hireserve ATS, you can automate this process to become intelligent and seamless. Create an interview schedule in Hireserve ATS and candidates will be sent a link asking them to pick their slot from a range of specified times and dates. This is then confirmed in an automatic email to the candidate and all interviewers.

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Why Hireserve?


Why do clients in the hospitality sector trust and use Hireserve ATS to supply their recruitment software?

Trusted for over 20 years.

Still owned and run day-to-day by founders Jeremy and Karen Ovenden (right), Hireserve is a leading provider of recruitment software, trusted by in-house recruitment teams across the world.

Our award winning customer care initiatives, dedicated team of specialists, approach to information security and unique understanding of staff recruitment makes us a safe pair of hands for your hospitality sector needs.

“Thank you Hireserve – you make my life easier every day. This is easily the best system I have used, with the very best support.”



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