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Do you recruit for a diverse range of skills, from support workers to heads of department? Do you need to configure application forms carefully to ensure you’re meeting safeguarding legislation? Do you need to attract high calibre candidates with the right attitude to make a difference?

Hireserve ATS is capable of meeting even your most complex housing association recruitment software needs.

With over 20 years in the recruitment software space, we work with a number of housing association providers across the UK.

When you’re recruiting in a competitive industry and need to fill roles quickly and easily, it’s essential that you’re working with an expert ATS partner from day one.

With Hireserve, you’ll be supported by someone who understands your industry, and knows housing association recruitment software inside out.

“After seeing Hireserve’s commitment to customer care and meeting their team , it was a seamless decision for us to work with them.”


Features in Focus

Database search and talent pooling

With Hireserve ATS database search, you can use key features such as:

  • Intelligent search with context. CVs and application documents can be ranked based on relevancy and weighting.
  • Instant CV and document view, without the need to download.
  • Searches can include keywords based on synonyms, helping you to simplify searching of unstructured text CVs and documents.

With intelligent database search features, you’ll not only save time on sifting through high volume applications but also ensure you can identify top talent quickly and effectively.

Hireserve ATS enables you to go beyond ‘applicant tracking’: Build and nurture talent pools, mine skills and qualifications you need with our uniquely powerful ‘Talent Search’ tool, and tag candidates’ skills, experience and location.

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Configurable application forms

Hireserve ATS enables you to build your own application forms to suit different roles and hiring processes.

You could choose to split your application process into two stages. Or why not add in pre-screening ‘Killer Questions’ or ‘Job Specific Questions’ to aid your screening process and filter out volumes of unsuitable or under-qualified candidates.

Your application forms will be mobile-optimised, to make sure you don’t miss out on candidates on-the-go.

Why not allow candidates to apply with LinkedIn? This quick and simple tool takes and converts an applicant’s LinkedIn profile into a CV format and populates their application form automatically with the relevant information.

Ultimately, you want to build quick, simple and effective application forms so that you engage and retain candidates throughout the process. With Hireserve ATS, you can do exactly that.

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Empower your Hiring Managers

The Hireserve ATS Hiring Manager Portal is simple, secure and easy to use.

Designed specifically for non-technical and casual users, the Hiring Manager Portal can be accessed via a mobile or tablet to enable your Managers to view vacancies, review candidates, schedule interviews and more.

“All our Hiring Managers use the Hireserve ATS and find it very easy to use, it has simple functionality and easy to train them and get them using it from the offset.”

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Why Hireserve?

Why do our housing association clients trust and use Hireserve ATS?

Trusted for over 20 years.

Still owned and run day-to-day by founders Jeremy and Karen Ovenden, Hireserve is a leading provider of recruitment software, trusted by in-house recruitment teams across the world.

Our award winning customer care initiatives, dedicated team, approach to information security and unique understanding of volunteer and staff recruitment makes us a safe pair of hands for your housing association needs.




“Thank you Hireserve – you make my life easier every day. This is easily the best system I have used, with the very best support.”


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