Hireserve has completed the delivery of another Unit4 Recruitment System, this time for Guildford Borough Council. This marks the first project delivered in partnership with Embridge Consulting using their EVA (Embridge Value Accelerator) methodology. EVA has enabled Hireserve to adapt its ATS implementation approach and deliver this project in just 12 days, around half the time expected for a standard implementation of this variety.

This project has enabled Hireserve to successfully pilot a new streamlined public sector ATS offering, shaped by many years of working directly with the sector informing best practice and standardised requirements – with features and functionality being mapped out up front. Based on the pilot undertaken with Guildford Borough Council, we have been able to reduce implementation time and complete one of our shortest implementations to date. Embridge’s EVA strategy has enabled us to offer an alternative implementation methodology to the customer.

“The great advantage of the recruitment solution is the automatic tracking of jobs and candidates utilising the intuitive dashboards and reports. The single source of controlled information with secure access enables real time review of the applicants while removing the confusion and latency of manual data entry.

It’s been a fantastic opportunity to deliver benefits so early on in the ERP Project and a great start to the recruitment work stream. I hope you will agree, the system looks great!

Already within 24 hours of the solution going live, there has been an incredible response in terms of candidates registering and job applications.”

Christopher Grainger, Guildford Borough Council

“We are delighted to have implemented our ATS solution using EVA, Embridge Consulting’s unique value accelerator methodology, for Guildford Borough Council. It has been a pleasure to work with such an incredible team and formalise an approach that has enabled us to halve our standard implementation time – while simultaneously delivering a solution that is entirely bespoke to the needs of the customer. We hope this is one of many such projects we will embark upon together.”

Karen Ovenden, Joint Managing Director, Hireserve


What does this mean for the future of an ATS implementation?


Caleb Chatfield, Implementation Consultant at Hireserve commented:

“The purpose of the EVA model is to give customers flexibility in their implementation approach. Our standard ATS implementation involves a ‘requirements capture’, which asks the customer how they would like the system designed specifically to their needs, from the ground up. While the standard method creates (and has created) a system entirely tailored to the needs of the customer, this does come with longer timescales and more input from the customer at the very beginning of the project.

With the EVA approach, we can offer a templated offering based on industry best practice. It’s the perfect solution for the customer who is not certain in their requirements or the customer who might want to know what other professionals in their sector are choosing in order to guide their own decision making. Or even just potentially an organisation without the time to spare for collaborating in designing a system from scratch. The tailoring aspect comes later, once the system has already been implemented as users are more certain of their needs and the changes they’d like to see. Being able to remove the ambiguity and use a pre-existing framework has proved highly effective in this instance and is something we will look to offer all potential customers as a choice open to them from now on. It’s all about flexibility and meeting the needs of a variety of organisations in a variety of circumstances.”

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