Implementation. A big word (and tricky to spell!) and a big process.

If you’re looking at new Applicant Tracking Systems and talking to potential suppliers, it’s likely the term ‘implementation phase’ will crop up from time to time. But how much do you really know about this process and what it means for you?

For busy in-house recruitment teams, the prospect of ‘implementation’ may cause shoulders to sag as they anticipate months of meetings, testing, data migration and more. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Preparation is to a smooth implementation. And it just so happens that we’ve created something to help you with this…

Hireserve ATS implementation guide front cover and pagesWe have been implementing Hireserve ATS for over two decades and so we’ve seen every shape and size of recruitment software implementation.

Now we’ve decided to turn that experience and knowledge into your Guide to ATS Implementation.

We’re shining a light on what really happens during an ATS implementation. Crucially, the guide will also arm you with practical tips and advice when it comes to preparing for your own implementation process.

With checklists, tips from our dedicated Implementation Consultants and an overview of a ‘typical’ process, this is your companion to an ATS Implementation.

Find out more and download now! Your ATS implementation guide.



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Tristan Potter

From candidate experience to flexible working, and from supporting graduates to ATS reports; Hannah's written it all over the years! Hannah has contributed to publications as diverse as The Guardian, UK Recruiter and University Business. She is also the wordsmith behind our whitepapers and guides, from GDPR to Employee Volunteering.