BRE is an independent organisation that offers expertise to Government, business and industry to meet the challenges of the built environment. 

With such a breadth of services and a significant role in UK and global building projects, BRE requires a unique skillset. The challenge is that these skills are not always readily available.

“We require a very specific set of skills for these kind of jobs, many of which we need to nurture in-house. With such a niche requirement and fewer young people pursuing engineering as a career, replacing our experienced and long-term fire research staff can be hugely challenging.”

Before using Unit4 Recruitment (delivered by Hireserve), the HR team tracked all applications using Excel and Word. It was also a challenge to screen candidates effectively and efficiently.

Read the full case study to understand how Unit4 Recruitment helped BRE to streamline its end-to-end recruitment process.

Read it now: The BRE case study

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