Are you using volunteering to develop your team’s skills and experience?

Is there an appetite internally for you to support a charity and empower your team to volunteer?

Do you want to strengthen your organisation’s CSR?

If you’d like the answer to those questions to be ‘yes!’, the Hireserve Guide to Employee Volunteering may have some guidance for you.

Image of the Staff Volunteering GuideYou’ll learn:

  • How to secure buy-in and engagement for an Employee Volunteering Scheme
  • The barriers businesses and voluntary organisations face
  • How to address these challenges and learn from the other side’s perspective
  • How to embed and maintain a successful Staff Volunteering Scheme in your business

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About the author

Hannah Vincent

From candidate experience to flexible working, and from supporting graduates to ATS reports; Hannah's written it all over the years! Hannah has contributed to publications as diverse as The Guardian, UK Recruiter and University Business. She is also the wordsmith behind our whitepapers and guides, from GDPR to Employee Volunteering.